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article imageCIA boosting support for 'moderate' Syrian rebels

By Paul Iddon     Oct 3, 2013 in Politics
The United States Central Intelligence Agency is saying they will train a few hundred 'moderate' Syrian rebels each month in order to ensure that these elements in the rebel opposition don't lose the war against their Islamist rivals and Assad.
As The Washington Post reports the CIA are doing this because they fear that the moderates are at present losing ground in that war.
However they are only planning to train a few hundred such rebels each month. So this policy clearly won't see to these 'moderate' forces prevailing either. So the CIA are essentially operating in accordance with the White House's stated desire to see to a political settlement to the ongoing conflict. This in turn means that their aim in training a few hundred such rebels a month is to enable those moderate rebels to keep fighting, but to a stalemate with their Islamist enemies and with the Assad regime so as such a desired political settlement can be reached sometime in the future.
As The Jerusalem Post also writes we know from anonymous American sources that the CIA has already in recent weeks sent paramilitary forces to covert bases in Jordan so as to double the number of moderate forces they are training to fight in Syria and provide them with arms before they return to the battlefield.
There are also rumors that these opposition forces have been supplied with anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles by the United States since as early as late last year. However there are also trepidations in the White House that funneling a large amount of arms to help these rebels could in turn see to those arms falling into the hands of their Islamist enemies.
The CIA have to date trained less than a thousand of these 'moderate' fighters. The Assad regime on the other hand has received support from the Iranian regime whose proxy the Hezbollah in Lebanon has helped train over 20,000 militants to fight on his side. They have also intervened directly in the war themselves against the ragtag rebel opposition.
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