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article imageOp-Ed: Patient Quality Care — Obama Administration

By Victoria Heckstall     Oct 2, 2013 in Health
The Obama Administration has always considered healthcare a central part of its plans. The government shutdown as a result of Republican attitudes towards what they and the media have dubbed ‘Obamacare’ has put thousands of families at risk.
Supporters of the Democrats stand firm and they’ve taken to news networks and social media to express their outrage over the latest attempt by hard-line Republicans to destroy the Affordable Care Act by gutting its funding.
The Shortage of Primary Care Doctors
One group which has spoken out in favour of the Affordable Care Act is primary care doctors. The United States has a severe shortage of primary care health personnel which focuses on illness prevention. If people look at an adult social care infographic they will see other countries, such as the UK and Scandinavia have much healthier populations and lower training costs.
The Affordable Care Act will help primary care doctors by increasing their pay and enhancing their pay provisions for the repayment of their medical school loans.
Prevention and Wellness
Medical insurers have responded to Obamacare by increasing insurance rates. Georgia is one of many states which have seen big raises across the board. They’re against the Affordable Care Act because prevention of serious illness doesn’t pay much in insurance terms. It stops them from charging higher premiums.
Critics have also pointed to this fact, such as Bill Custer, a health insurance guru from Georgia State University, who said someone in the prime of their life at age 26 in Atlanta could see themselves paying upwards of 300 dollars a month for basic health insurance.
Obamacare will help reduce large insurance rates by preventing illness and reducing the need for large health insurance plans at such a young age. If Americans do a good job at stopping such preventable illnesses, they won’t need to take out extra cover just after leaving college.
Insurance for All
Obamacare will guarantee insurance for all. COBRA coverage didn’t adequately cover those who lost their jobs. Millions of Americans have no life insurance and advocates say this will give them proper care for the first time. Combining this with enhanced primary care will aid them in taking care of themselves.
Will it Go Ahead?
The government shutdown over the funding of the Affordable Care Act could last indefinitely. It requires the Obama Administration to talk to the Republicans in the House of Representatives.
Obama recently said he would stand firm and he wouldn’t allow the Republicans to shut down the government because they disagreed with the law based on ideology. He has recently cancelled his trade conference in Malaysia to conduct negotiations.
Speculators say President Obama has no reason to back down due to the history of shutdowns. Bill Clinton held out in 1996 and Newt Gingrich was forced to give in. His approval ratings shot through the roof. Obama has the distinct advantage of not having to seek re-election after his current term expires.
Those promoting the law say the Republican Party is the only party which could potentially lose out through this government shutdown over Obamacare.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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