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article imageMobile phone users make up 60% of the global population

By Jenna Cyprus     Oct 2, 2013 in Technology
Technology has changed the world in drastic ways. One of the strongest influences in our digital age is the mobile phone. How powerful a tool has it become?
A new report recently announced by eMarketer and reported by Mobile Marketing Watch states that both mobile phone use and marketing ad spend by advertisers has increased dramatically since 2008. The report states that digital ad spending will increase to $15.8 billion by the end of the year a 13% increase from 2012.
eMarketer believes that this growth is also from the worldwide adaptation of mobile phones. In 2008, 40% of the world's population had a mobile phone. Today, it is 61%, an increase of over 20% of the global population in just five years. Mobile phone use is here to stay, with the traditional office or home phone lines slowly fading away in favor for individual mobile phones for each employee or family member.
Mobile Internet Use
With Internet users making up 36% of the global population, many marketers are focusing their attention on websites and content specifically created for mobile users. Because many regular Internet users also access the Internet on their phone, it is becoming crucial for websites to be optimized for mobile or have a mobile version that mobile internet users can access.
When a website is an easy to use your mobile phone, many users will simply abandon the page without finding what they are looking for or completing a sale. Great website optimization and content that is easy for mobile users to access needs to be at the top of mind for any business that is looking to engage customers digitally.
Many mobile phone users are looking to make a sale or get an instant answer, so it's important for businesses to have the right information optimized for mobile to help consumers find what they're looking for as quickly as possible.
Smartphone Optimization
in addition, the percentage of mobile phone users that are using smart phone continues to grow. Smartphone users are now one third of total phone users in the world and make up about 20% of the human population. This is rather large increase, as this percentage was just 1.5% in 2008.
With the news that Apple sold over $9 million in new iPhone 5S and 5C in its opening weekend (the most Apple ever sold in a single weekend), it is the fact that smart phone users will continue to corner the overall mobile phone saturation market.
As smartphone manufacturers continue to work on crafting more affordable smart phones that have many of the same features as they are higher and cousins, they will become more accessible to mobile phone users around the world.
This means that mobile marketers need to focus on crafting optimized mobile content, websites, and apps for their companies in order to stay relevant to this growing niche of consumers who will utilize their phones as their main source of Internet access.
No matter what users are looking for via their mobile phones, the fact remains that 60% of the world's population is depending on this technology to connect them to the outside world. Companies that build content websites around this fact will continue to be successful online.
photo credit: martin hopkins via photopin cc
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