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article imageSpanish doctors say e-cigarettes no safer than the real thing

By Anne Sewell     Oct 1, 2013 in Health
Madrid - Spain's Association of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery, a top Spanish medical association, is warning that the vapor of e-cigarettes has pretty much the same bad effects as regular cigarettes.
Many people use e-cigarettes to assist them to give up smoking or to replace the habit without causing damage to their lungs. Others are using them as a fashion statement.
However, now a top Spanish medical association is saying that users of the e-cigarettes are likely to suffer exactly the same short-term health effects with them as they would with regular tobacco cigarettes.
Doctors are warning that "some identical substances" in the vapor of e-cigarettes cause our lungs to react in exactly the same way as with regular cigarettes.
Effects on respiratory level were observed in a recent study, which evaluated the impact of e-cigarette use on lung function for 10 minutes, in non-smokers and healthy smokers and those with asthma and chronic, obstructive pulmonary disease.
El Periodico reports (in Spanish) that the main results of the tests run, according to Dr Segismundo Solano, showed that the electronic cigarette immediately increased the airway resistance and decreased their power to draw air through, and that this effect was greater in the group of non-smokers and healthy smokers.
Bearing in mind that regular users of e-cigarettes can inhale an average of 120-150 puffs per day for months and years, it is difficult to assess the damage that could result.
Huffington Post (in Spanish) reports that as health professionals worldwide are still unclear about the long-term effects of the use of e-cigarettes on people's health, they are not recommending that they be used as a replacement or as a means of giving up the smoking habit.
E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular in Spain, with shops dedicated to the sale of both the e-cigarettes and various flavors to use with them. In fact, two new stores have recently appeared in the center of Fuengirola, where the writer resides.
In Spain there is still no regulation over the sale of this product. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the difficulty in regulating e-cigarettes as they may fall outside the scope of domestic regulatory regimes on tobacco products.
WHO also states that the safety of the product has not been scientifically demonstrated and that the chemicals used in electronic cigarettes have not been fully disclosed, and there are no adequate data on their emissions.
They further state that the efficacy of e-cigarettes for helping people to quit smoking has not been scientifically demonstrated. Experts recommend that smokers rather contact their medical professionals to find safer methods of quitting the habit.
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