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article imageIrv Gotti relaunches Murder Inc. Records under new company

By Layne Weiss     Sep 30, 2013 in Entertainment
Rapper Irv Gotti has announced he will be relaunching Murder Inc Records under Visionary, a new entertainment company he plans to start.
The plan for Visionary is to release music, manage artist, and produce television shows.
Recently, the rap mogul posted an Instagram about his plans for the project.
In July, Gotti said he had been wanting to start Visionary for years. Recently, revealed his first step was to bring Maddi Jane, a 14-year-old singer he has been managing to his family at Atlantic Records, HipHopDX reports.
Next, Gotti, who starred in and executive produced the Vh1 show "Gotti's Way" from 2007-2009, wants Visionary to include television shows. Gotti says one show might be a reality show starring Murder Inc original, rapper Ja Rule, who was released from prison in May.
Ja Rule has released two new singles "Fresh Out Da Pen" and "Everything," which are both available on Itunes.
In addition to television, Gotti also has his sights set on film. Gotti has worked on the soundtracks for films such as 1998's Rush Hour and 2000's Friday After Next.
Murder Inc was founded in the early 90s by Irv Gotti, Chris Gotti, and Ja Rule, and is owned by Irv Gotti. The company released its first album called "Venni Vetti Vecci" in 1999.
The company would go onto sign artists such as Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, and Lloyd, among many others.
Currently, the only artist signed to Murder Inc Records is Ja Rule.
At one time, the company had so much notoriety, and success, it was bigger than Puff Daddy's Bad Boy Records.
In the mid=2000s the Gotti brothers were accused of money laundering and were acquitted in 2005. In light of the trial, the company was ordered to leave Def Jam, and spent most of 2006 searching for a new home, eventually finding one with Atlantic Records. After 10 years, Ja Rule would finally leave Murder Inc, but now he is back with his old friend as they rebuild.
In 2011, Murder Inc members Ja Rule, Ashanti, and Lloyd reunited on stage at the Diddy Dirty Money "Coming Home" Tour.
And in a 2012 interview, rapper and former member of the Murder Inc family said she believes the label's demise was caused by growing pressure on Irv Gotti as he was signing multiple artists at once.
Baltimore said Gotti was "distracted" by everything going on with the label, and he was unable to devote his attention to each individual artist.
"I think Irv just got distracted by all of the stuff that was going on with Murder Inc. All the fame that happened with Murder Inc. happened so fast. Ja was popping, but I don't think Irv was prepared for everybody else to pop the way that they did," she said. I think that's what distracted Irv from what he should have been focused on." "I don't think it was Ashanti in particular. I think Ashanti's record sales and the fact that he had her poppin." Charli recalls that almost everyone signed to Murder Inc at the time had a lot of hype surrounding them and Irv just wasn't prepared. "Murder Inc was poppin as a whole," and it just seemed like too much for Irv to handle. Baltimore recalls that her project was up next when "everything started falling apart," so who knows what would have been..??
It's been a long time since all that. Irv Gotti and Ja Rule seem intent on getting back to the glory years of Murder Inc.
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