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article imageTrucker Ride for the Constitution calls for repeal of Patriot Act

By Ralph Lopez     Sep 30, 2013 in Politics
In an interview with, formerly World News Daily, Ride for the Constitution organizer Zeeda Andrews called for the repeal of the USA Patriot Act.
The Patriot Act was passed hastily in the wake of 9/11 and has been roundly criticized by civil libertarians and Constitution scholars as a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.
The truck convoy, which organizers say so far promises to draw 2,000 trucks to DC from October 10 through October 13, has the stated goal of restoring the US Constitution. Organizers are asking Americans in support of the convoy to buy nothing between October 11 - 13, in order to deliver a message to Congress.
The USA Patriot Act was the first major shift toward greater government powers after 9/11, allowing federal agents to seize the personal, financial, and medical records of Americans without a court warrant, which is a requirement of the Fourth Amendment for a search. The Patriot Act was initially opposed by powerful committee chairmen in Congress, Senator Patrick Leahy and Senator Tom Daschle, but they dropped their opposition. Daschle's and Leahy's offices were among those hit in 2001 by the "anthrax attacks", prior to passage of the act. Seven people were killed in the attacks.
Andrews said in the interview:
“We want to see the dollar stop circulating for three days...What we also want to see is deregulation for the truckers and our Constitution restored. We want to get rid of unconstitutional laws like the National Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act.”
image from Ride for the Constitution website
image from Ride for the Constitution website
Ride for the Constitution
The National Defense Authorization Act, also known as NDAA, is a reference to the power sought by and obtained by Obama to arrest and hold US citizens in military detention, without charge or trial, indefinitely. Passage of the law sparked the formation of citizens' groups such as People Against the NDAA. (House roll call vote on NDAA 2012, a 'yea' is for power to hold Americans indefinitely without charge or trial.)
The truckers also criticize the NSA's intrusion into American life, and what is says are other violations of the Bill of Rights.
The trucker's manifesto can be viewed HERE.
The truckers says in its manifesto:
The only thing that motivates every politician is their money — cutting off their money-flow cuts off their life-blood. The Independent Truckers in the United States essentially keep commerce flowing for benefit of the wealthy elite. The only way to get our legislators to operate lawfully and Constitutionally is to penalize them with a credible threat of a shutdown. Through this effort, the American people can demand that all Congressman & Senators sign on to the demands for them to operate lawfully and Constitutionally, or risk a possible shutdown if they refuse to follow the law; the supreme law of the land; the U.S. Constitution.
The group is calling for Americans in support of the action to pre-purchase food and necessities prior to the days October 11 through 13, and to not purchase anything on those days in order to remind the Congress of the power of the purse string wielded by the general public.
The convoy's website is
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