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article imagePalestinian Authority: We won't allow intifada in the West Bank

By Paul Iddon     Sep 29, 2013 in Politics
The Palestinian Authority has rejected Hamas' call for a Third Intifada against Israel. They say that their jurisdiction, the West Bank Palestinian territories, will not be the scene of chaos and violence.
The Jerusalem Post quotes a source from the Palestinian Authority which said that the West Bank “won't be a scene of chaos to serve any private agendas.”
This comes just after the Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups have called for another Palestinian Intifada against Israel.
A number of violent incidents have broken out across the West Bank and Gaza on the thirteenth anniversary of the break out of the Second Intifada.
As Arutz Sheva points out in its report the Islamic Jihad is saying that, “Resistance in Palestine is the spearhead in the confrontation with the Zionist project which targets Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa and the whole of Palestine.”
The Palestinian Authority on the other hand say their priority is “to pursue reconciliation” between Fatah and Hamas “and achieve peace through negotiations.”
Hamas said in a statement that, “negotiations and security coordination with the Zionist enemy form a cover for the continuation of the occupations crimes against our territory, our people and our religious sites.”
“We call upon all Palestinian forces and factions to reject the path of these wasteful negotiations, which have proved their failure to achieve our people's dreams, and only brought them more waste, loss and division in the face of the occupations crimes and plans.”
In accordance with this view of the situation Hamas calls on its rival political party, the Fatah, to “end negotiations and security coordination with the enemy and to return to resistance, national reconciliation and Palestinian unity.”
As far as these PA security sources are concerned however Hamas is simply trying to undermine the authority of Ramallah by igniting anti-Israel Palestinian violence in their domain of control and governance, the West Bank.
The source adds that, “The Israelis are sitting in the surroundings of the Gaza Strip and if Hamas wants it could ignite an intifada there.”
Critics and opponents of the Hamas group have accused it of fomenting violence against Israel in order to divert attention away from its own difficulties on its home front in Gaza following the loss of its relatively friendly neighbour in Cairo following a military overthrow of the Morsi Muslim Brotherhood government there.
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