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Interview with Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees: 'Men of The Strip' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Sep 28, 2013 in Entertainment
Jeff Timmons is the founding member of the pop group 98 Degrees. He is a part of a brand new venture, "Men of the Strip," a male musical revue.
A Grammy-nominated singer, Timmons took some time from his schedule to chat about his latest endeavors with "Men of The Strip," as well as his summer tour and latest album "2.0."
This past summer, Timmons was a part of the high grossing "Package" tour, where he played 49 shows with his group, 98 Degrees, and he shared the stage with such iconic vocal groups as Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block. "This tour was probably the most excited I have been about things in a long time. I have had the best time spending it with the guys and ending it that way," he said.
On touring with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, he remarked, "New Kids are legends in their own respect since they have sold millions of records and I remember listening to them when I was in eighth and ninth grade. Boyz II Men are my idols and it was great to see how they operate, work, and how they rehearse. It's an honor that I never would have thought in my wildest dreams that I would get to experience," he said.
"Men of the Strip," created by Timmons, is an explosive and multi-faceted live male entertainment revue, which features eight men as performers, whose goal is to take "sexy to a whole new level." "It's an exciting new venture for me after coming off the 'Package' tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. I am happy that I get to do something in Las Vegas again. With the success of 'Magic Mike' and how successful male revues are, I partnered up with a really great and creative guy named Glenn Douglas Packard. He is putting our show together and we will go on a promotional tour together which starts on Halloween night," Timmons said. "We will be on the road for 54 days, where we are doing 30 dates, and we go all the way through to Christmas Eve. It's going to be fun."
An Emmy-nominated choreographer, Glenn Douglas Packard, has worked with such acclaimed artists as Michael Jackson, Pink, Usher, Missy Elliott and Ricky Martin. "Glenn is an amazing talent and a creative director as well who has done a few shows of his own. It's an honor to get to work with him since he's going to take it to the next level," Timmons said.
They will go around in a sponsored-up tour bus across the United States and in Canada. "This tour will promote the guys and it will introduce them to the public. I am doing the majority of the singing in the concert like a 98 Degrees show or my own songs, and the guys are getting up and doing a few songs and introducing themselves to the girls. It's not a Vegas production since we are saving that for the filming of the TV show," Timmons said. "Some of the guys are regular people and some put themselves through school and others have girlfriends or wives and some have kids. These guys all have extensive backgrounds. They are very diverse."
The show will include choreography, singing and dancing by each of the performers, as well as aerial elements such as acrobatics. "I would like the fans to come and check it out. It's very fun and exciting. It's an entertaining show that is not only for the ladies. Guys can come and check it out too. The performers dance and sing and they are very charismatic and they interact well with the fans. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be on television, which we are really excited about," he said.
Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees
Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees
Gabe Ginsberg, Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
In addition to being a musician, Timmons is a father to four children and a loving husband to Amanda.
On balancing a family with a music career, he stated, "I have my own tour bus and I took my family out on the road with us. It wasn't hard for me since they were with me the whole time."
Ever gracious, Timmons took the time to showcase his gratitude towards his dedicated wife, Amanda, for all of her support and hard work ethic. "Amanda is great and she is a big support system for me. She cooks, she cleans, she helps me with my finances and she takes care of me emotionally. She does everything for me. She really is the best. I am really blessed," he said.
From his latest studio album "2.0" with 98 Degrees, Timmons selected "Take The Long Way Home" and "Lonely" as his two personal favorite tracks on there. "Ne-Yo wrote 'Lonely' and Bruno Mars wrote 'Take The Long Way Home.' Bruno is killing it right now, and everybody loves both of them. It's an honor to be able to do their songs," he said.
Timmons noted that each day he is motivated simply by "the fear of failure.""Creativity is always in the forefront for me, and there is always the fear of failure. I don't want to fail. I have had so much success and I always want to go forward and continue to build upon the things that I have cultivated in my career. That's the driving force," the genuine singer said.
One of the charities that is dear to Timmons' heart is Camp Kesem, a college student-run summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer. "It's going great and I saw a mainstream commercial for it on television the other day. It is continuing to grow and my father is very involved with it and we hope to hold another concert for the charity. That is always on my mind," he said.
Particularly impressive about Timmons is that he collaborated with piano virtuoso Jim Brickman on the song "Piece," and Brickman also had a hit duet song "Valentine," with country songstress Martina McBride. "I would love the opportunity to work with Martina. She has such a sweet-sounding voice. It would be a great match," Timmons said.
He also complimented bluegrass and country darling Alison Krauss for her superb musicianship, and noted his interest to collaborate with both of these award-winning vocalists (McBride and Krauss).
As a solo artist, Timmons released his "Whisper That Way" CD in 2004, which featured the stunning title cut ballad that was a Top 25 hit on the Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary charts.
For more information on Jeff Timmons' new revue, "Men of the Strip," visit its official website.
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