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article imageVideo: Woman describes knife attack by Golden Dawn supporters

By Anne Sewell     Sep 28, 2013 in World
A young Greek woman describes a knife attack in the street on the day after anti-fascist rapper, Pavlos Fyssas, was murdered by Golden Dawn supporters. Her crime was wearing an anti-fascist T-shirt.
Digital Journal reported on the fatal stabbing of anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas by Greece's far-right movement, Golden Dawn and how, after outrage in the international media, Greece is now moving to ban the Golden Dawn party.
The Guardian newspaper interviewed a young Greek woman who describes in the video above how she was set upon by two supporters of Greeceā€™s far-right movement Golden Dawn the day after Fyssas was killed.
She describes how she had woken up that morning to find out that Fyssas had been killed and that she felt deep sorrow and a lot of anger. She saw that the situation was getting out of control and felt that something was going to happen.
The next day she was heading home in Dafni, where she lives. Her taxi had left her on Frantzi Street and she was going to walk home from there.
She saw two men walking towards her. At first, she wasn't sure if they were Golden Dawn. They commented on the T-shirt she was wearing, which was anti-fascist. The t-shirt said the rap and hip hop scene is against fascism. She thanked them for their comment and continued walking.
The two men then grabbed her, took her aside and attacked her. One held her arms behind her back, the other pulled a knife and held it against her throat.
He told her, "There are more of us than you. You'll be taught not to wear T-shirts like that."
They told her that they, the anti-fascists, had become too confident. The man then kneed her in the leg, and punched her in the stomach. She suffered cuts to her face and arms.
At some point, a car came along and stopped. The men then let her go and hid the knife and then they left.
The whole incident lasted around five minutes.
She said that while it was happening she was swearing at them, but did not dare to react physically. "I couldn't do anything, I didn't have the strength," she said.
The Guardian Newspaper interviewed a young Greek woman who suffered a knife attack at the hands of G...
The Guardian Newspaper interviewed a young Greek woman who suffered a knife attack at the hands of Golden Dawn supporters.
Video screengrab
While she was really frightened at the beginning, and felt she couldn't do anything, over the next few days her feelings turned to rage.
She said it is not normal for them to be afraid to walk the streets, or "be put in danger by these guys."
"Rage, a lot of rage, that's what I feel."
The woman doesn't walk around at night alone any more, as there seems to be more Golden Dawn activity now.
She says that she did not report the attack to the police, because she has no confidence that they would take action. "I don't think anything good would come out of it," she said.
"They might record it, because they have to, but they won't take any action," she adds.
She finds it strange that the government and the media are now reporting on Golden Dawn and that they now turn against them, after covering for them for so long.
She said its strange that they present these attacks as something new, that they didn't know about all along.
"But now it's clear we have to take drastic action. Each of us has to deal with the situation in whatever way they can," she concludes.
The young woman's voice has been disguised in the video for her safety.
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