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article imageNew expectations for Samsung Galaxy S5

By Milton Este     Sep 28, 2013 in Technology
A Samsung representative told the Korean Herald that biometric security is currently not on the company's to-do list. Many have speculated that Samsung will follow suit to Apple and introduce a fingerprint security scanner of their own.
Could Samsung still be working on the technology for future devices to come? Based on Apple's operations of buying Authentec, a biometric security company, and then implementing a scanner into the iPhone, there is no reason why Samsung won't be doing something similar.
Instead of Authentec, Samsung has their own little project dubbed "CrucialTech." However, according to Woori Investment & Securities analyst Kim Hye-yong, CrucialTech's technology is still behind Authentec's in terms of patents and solutions. Furthermore, Samsung has a 10 percent stake in Pantech, a rival company that implemented the fingerprint technology in some of their phones. A concept image by Jashan Preet over at shows two touch sensors embedded in the screen:
Image of touch embedded sensor of a Galaxy S5 concept. (Received full permission from Jashan Preet f...
Image of touch embedded sensor of a Galaxy S5 concept. (Received full permission from Jashan Preet for image use)
Jashan Preet (sgs5)
This does not mean the S5 won't have any other features up its sleeve. The Android Community reported a possible launch of a limited edition Galaxy Note 3 featuring Samsung's YOUM (speculated name, has not been confirmed) flexible display, which will later be a key feature with the Galaxy S5. Both Samsung and LG have been working fiercely to delivering the first flexible display technology, and Samsung's may arrive as early as next month. speculates a curved touch screen edges to replace physical physical keys such as power and the volume rocker.
In excitement of the Galaxy S5 launch, and contributor, Jashan Preet, produced several concept images for what the Galaxy S5 may look like. The concept page also lists the possible specifications as detailed below.
Received owner s permission to use Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept image.
Received owner's permission to use Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept image.
Kicking it up a notch, we can expect specifications to include at least a 5.3 inch flexible OLED display packed with a 2 GHz Exynos 5 octa-core processor. However, it hasn't been confirmed as to whether this will be a true octa-core processor or a four by four processor as seen on the Galaxy S4-IT19500 model. Kicking it up a notch again, the phone is expected to feature 3GB of RAM, enclosed in a waterproof and shockproof aluminum body. Another big boost is the battery, which is being upgraded to somewhere along the lines of 3,200 mAH. Finally, the internal storage starts at 32GB moving up to 128GB. However, don't be too surprised if the 128GB model does not come out as such a storage capacity will add quite a bit of thickness to the phone.
Speaking from the experience as a Galaxy S4 owner and user, approximately 8GB of the internal storage is used by the system. It looks like Samsung is solving this issue by taking the same approach as the HTC One. Rather than starting at just 16GB, Samsung is skipping that model entirely and moving on towards the 32GB, which is an approximate 23GB of usable storage for the user.
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