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article imageOp-Ed: If Abrams tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have Abrams tanks

By William M. Schmalfeldt     Sep 26, 2013 in Odd News
Washington - People wonder why they call them "gun nuts."
According to the website Right Wing Watch, a right wing radio show host said, basically, no limits on the 2nd Amendment means, no limits!
On his "Wallbuilders Live" program Thursday, host David Barton said that the Second Amendment, which controls the establishment of "well-regulated militias" in the United States, guarantees the right to own any kind of weapon you need to ward off any sort of threat.
The belief of the Second Amendment was you as a citizen have a right to defend yourself whether it be against a thug, an aggressor, a crook, or against your government.
Now this is where a lot of liberals go through the roof; are you saying that you think individual citizens have a right to own a machine gun?
Yeah. And an Abrams Tank, and a bazooka, and a F-16 because you've got a right to defend yourself with the same size of weapons that might be brought against you ... You have a right to fight back with whatever you can get your hands on to defend your life, your property, your possession, your family, your whatever.
So, if we understand Mr. Barton properly, driving a car in the US is not a right, it's a privilege. But owning an Abrams tank? Not sure what sort of license a fella needs to drive one, but nothing says you can't own one. Doggone it.
I guess it depends on whether or not you have a place to park the thing. Maybe if you use that 2nd Amendment guaranteed bazooka to take down the garage, you could be able to back that sucker into the space.
Now, what does the 2nd Amendment say about thermonuclear weapons?
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