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Assad: Syria has more sophisticated weapons than chemicals

By Paul Iddon     Sep 26, 2013 in Politics
In his latest interview the Syrian president has said that Syria has weapons more sophisticated than its chemical stockpiles which can “blind Israel.”
Daily Star Lebanon reports that the Syrian President was quoted as saying that, “Initially, we manufactured chemicals arms in the '80's as a deterrent weapon to confront Israel's nuclear arsenal. Now, they are no longer a deterrent weapon. Today we have more important and more sophisticated weapons that can blind Israel in a moment.”
He also went on to claim that, “Chemical weapons are not and were not their goal,” he said of the United States and its allies. He went on to claim that, “They wanted to change the balance of power and protect Israel. We turned the table on them and threw the ball in their court.”
He also gloated about how, “Our move has embarrassed them in front of the American and European public and even within the U.S administration itself.”
Mr. Assad doesn't believe that surrendering his chemical stockpile will constitute a strategic loss for his regime. He even claimed such a stockpile in fact “constitute a burden,” on his regime. He elaborated by explaining how, “Disposing of them would cost a lot of money and would take years, and poses environmental risks and challenges,” adding that it would in turn be better to, “Let them [the United Nations] come and take them.”
The Syrian president praised Russia for its support in brokering a deal with the United States that halted the military action it threatened to take following the gassing of Syrian civilians in Damascus on August 21 which killed 1,400 people.
Furthermore, as The Jerusalem Post also reports, the Syrian president claimed that he has evidence that the rebels carried out that attack, evidence which he has passed on to Russia for analysis. He also says that the U.N inspectors that are coming to dismantle his country's chemical stockpile will likely be subject to attempted attacks by terrorists.
He claimed that, “We have pledges from Russia that Russian troops will enter en-mass in any war waged against Syria.”
He also proclaimed that the war in his country is a war of resistance stating that,
“We are confident that our battle with our allies Hezbollah is a joint battle of the resistance front.”
"God forbid if Damascus is harmed, Hezbollah and Tehran would be the next target of aggression.”
So far this ongoing war in Syria has raged for 30 months and left over 100,000 people dead in its wake.
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