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Operation: Human Angels seeks to make people feel better Special

By Justin King     Sep 26, 2013 in Health
Anonymous continues its real world operations with Operation: Human Angels, a campaign to leave messages in places where they will be discovered at the right time to make people feel better.
In 2007, Fox News called Anonymous “an internet hate machine.” Five years later, the collective launches an operation that could only be classified as one fueled by love. The challenge laid down by Kristie Elgersma and Lyndsay Bowes is to get out in the community and help people feel better by doing small things that have a big impact. Whether it’s handing out free hugs or lollipops, or writing positive messages on sidewalks #OpHumanAngels is making a big difference.
Lyndsay and Kristie took the time to answer some questions and share a video of some of their accomplishments and activities.
What prompted you to start OPHumanAngels?
My sister and I realized that humanity needs more love in the world.
What do you hope to accomplish with it?
People who are poor, stressed and unhealthy are easy to subjugate. We can't help much in the way of poverty financially, or help people to be healthier really, but we can help people de-stress a little by letting them know that someone out there cares. Hugging them, listening to them, giving them love. People need to know that they are loved.
The messages seem to be very close to the popular message of the 1960s, do you see yourself as kindred spirits?
We see ourselves as brothers and sisters of all those who peace for peace...
What are some examples of things you do in OPHumanAngels?
We go out into the streets and give free hugs. Leave heartwarming messages of hope in random places like libraries, grocery stores, gas stations. We write on roads, sidewalks and steps with chalk, more life affirming messages.
Do you ever receive a negative response to your activities?
Oftentimes people can't figure out what we're doing. It's really foreign to them. The most difficult thing to acknowledge is just how needed we are based on the intense emotional response we get from so many.
What's the end game?
We hope to empower the people with love. Love is the great jail breaker. Love empowers. Love overcomes. If there was enough love in the world people would feel that they matter enough, that they are worth enough to engage the violent systems and structures we exist in today. We need love and peace in abundance on this planet. And we need everyone to create this together.
Does this operation go on forever, or is there a certain point when it will terminate?
We hope it goes on, we hope it spreads beyond the Global Op Day on the first Saturday of every month and everyone just goes out and is love to everyone as much as they can.
If you could ask the average citizen to help with one activity in their home town, what would it be?
Chalk your sidewalks. Do it every day. Write things like,'You Matter.' 'You are Loved.' 'I trust you.' 'You are noble.' 'You are kind.' 'Compassion is Revolutionary'
In times of negativity everywhere, it has to be refreshing to meet happy, upbeat people bent on sharing love with no ulterior motive.
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