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article imageReview: Madden NFL 25 the perfect football insider's video game Special

By David Silverberg     Sep 24, 2013 in Entertainment
Once again, the Madden NFL video game franchise amazes football fans with slick gameplay, robust online options and some added details you won't find in any other sports title.
If you're a hardcore NFL groupie, Madden NFL 25 could be the ideal distraction between Monday and Saturday, while you wait for NFL Sunday to take over your afternoon.
Updated rosters give you the chance to play your fave team, but that's a ho-hum feature, since all sports games offer these updates. Like EA did last year, this Madden title uses the Infinity Engine, a real-time physics engine providing unique tackles and player collisions. Running backs have their own dekes, and quarterbacks tuck and run with their trademark moves.
I especially like how this game improved the running game over its predecessor. Often in Madden games you couldn't shake off defenders with quick moves, but now you can execute the right spin or spin by using the left-trigger button for added power. If you play as a particularly strong RB like Adrian Peterson, it's exceptionally fun to stretch those runs for first downs.
The gameplay is smooth and intuitive, and I experienced very few hiccups. I only had some trouble shaking off the O-line as a defender trying to sack the quarterback, but making the pass rush challenging has only steeled my resolve to fine-tune my blitzing.
Madden’s multiplayer fulfills expectations, so fans will be keen to play against friends over Xbox Live in the seamless fashion they've enjoyed for years. Owner’s mode is a cool way to play as head honcho, where you role-play as the owner of your favourite NFL team and decide what to do based on what six advisors tell you about the team’s current state. Not for the casual fan.
The most famous sports game in North America won't disappoint, so playing on the gridiron is once again a pure treat, thanks to Madden NFL 25.
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