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article imageWho is the White Widow?

By Alexander Baron     Sep 24, 2013 in Crime
Nairobi - There are reports that a woman known as the "White Widow" may be behind or involved with the ongoing horror in Kenya. Who is she?
True Islam has never recognised any barriers of race; alas neither has Islamism, which it should be remembered is a political ideology that simply wears the garb of Islam. The third of the world's great religions was actually imported into the UK by white converts in the late 19th Century, although it is only since the 1960s that large numbers of Moslems, primarily from Asia, have emigrated to Britain.
On July 7, 2005, four bombs were detonated in Central London near simultaneously: three on trains and one on a bus. The original plan appears to have been to detonate them all on trains but due to a technical problem, Hasib Mir Hussain, the youngest member of the 7/7 cell, was unable to do so.
When the facts emerged, the most shocking thing for most people about the bombers was that the three Asian members of the cell were all born and bred in England, two of them in Yorkshire, and in every sense regular guys. Two of them left "martyrdom" videos: Mohammad Sidique Khan the leader, and Shehzad Tanweer.
The fourth member of the cell was the only non-native; born Germaine (also spelt Jermaine) Maurice Lindsay in Jamaica, he took the name Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, and was just 19 years old. In spite of this he had been married twice, although his first marriage had lasted only 8 days and was probably not entered into for the usual reasons. In October 2002, he married white convert Samantha Lewthwaite. She was born December 5, 1985, and was thought to be none too bright.
Obviously when her husband's role in the 7/7 atrocity was revealed she was subjected to close scrutiny by the authorities, and had almost certainly come to their attention before that having been on anti-war demonstrations.
It appears they may have misjudged her. After denouncing her husband's crimes, she fell off the radar for years, but early last year it was reported that she was in Kenya where she was involved in terrorist activity.
Although she has not been charged with much less convicted of any offence, the evidence against her is mounting. The former Mayor of Aylesbury, Raj Khan, found it difficult to believe she could be any sort of terrorist organiser. Alas, we have heard that claim before from the friends, family and neighbours of even the most depraved of serial killers.
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