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article imageInterview with Detroit rapper Adubb Da Gawd Special

By Layne Weiss     Sep 21, 2013 in Entertainment
Detroit - It's been a huge year for Detroit rapper Adubb Da Gawd. He's opened for many of today's most popular hip-hop artists. Adubb's star is definitely rising, but that should be no surprise from a guy who has been listening to rap since he was 4-years-old.
Adubb vividly remembers his father bringing home Dr Dre's the "Chronic" when he was only 4. It wasn't just his first memory of rap music, it was Adubb's first memory of music altogether.
That and listening to Too Short and Snoop Dogg in the car with his mom were probably precursors for what was to come. "I knew all the words!!" Adubb exclaimed!
It was clear Adubb was likely going to become a rapper, but it wasn't until he started listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony with his older brothers that he realized who he really was and what kind of rapper he would be. "They had a rebellious form of music, which helped mold me into a rebel," he told me. "I would even watch the TV shows I wasn't supposed to watch like Beavis and Butthead," he laughed. "They made their own rules. My brothers raised me to make my own rules."
"In 4th grade, I got in trouble for writing my own rap instead of reading," he said. "Now I love reading. It expands my vocabulary and helps me paint pictures. "I don't actually write raps down," he explained. "It comes to me like a picture. It's like fine art."
Speaking of making music, Adubb Da Gawd, will be dropping his brand new mixtape, Rebel Wit me on November 12! "Rebel Wit Me," a fitting title, huh? Anyway, to hold you over, here are some singles off the tape! "Got Work"
"Don't Shoot"
In anticipation of the Rebel Wit Me, Adubb has been releasing these videos called "Rebelsodes." One of them, is the featured video on this article. Here is another one.
You can stay tuned for more coming this October!!
Adubb is in a group I've mentioned before called Finally Famous, which was founded in 2007. Speaking to rapper JOHN, I had gathered a little history about it, but during my interview with Adubb, he touched on it a little more. Back in high school, Adubb had a friend Mike Dabney who introduced him to everyone who would eventually go on to form Finally Famous. "We were young, but we had a vision," Adubb said. "We really started everything in the city of Detroit." Finally Famous brought both Drake and Wiz Khalifa here for like their first or second visits to the city.
You've heard the name Finally Famous most likely because of Big Sean. But guys like Jay John Henry, Earlly Mac, Adubb, and many more make it an "unstoppable" force of Detroit's most talented hip-hop artists.
Things are just going amazingly well for Adubb right now and he couldn't be happier! This year alone he opened up for T.I.'s Grand Hustle Showcase in Atlanta. He's opened up for French Montana as well as his friend Big Sean in Detroit. He's performed at SXSW, and he has Rebel Wit Me dropping in November! "2014 will be even better," he says.
As we're talking, he asks me if I've gotten Grand Theft Auto 5. He's playing it while we're talking, by the way, which for some reason makes me really happy to hear. I explain I don't really play video games, but I'm thinking of getting it just for the soundtrack!! He says he doesn't really play many video games either; Just GTA, Call of Duty, and NBA2K. THEN, he tells me there's a GTA mixtape!! I ask if he's gonna get it. He says one of the singles off Rebel Wit Me, "Got Work," should have been on there!! I absolutely agree!!
And now we play some word association...
Music: Adubb Da Gawd
Inspiration: Learning
Cartoons: Spongebob
Big Sean: My dawg
Batman: Damn! My favorite cartoon
Twerk: Twerk team! Ms. Twerk Sumn (Ps. I think saying the word "Twerk" in the answer is cheating, but I let it slide...)
In closing, Rebel Wit Me drops November 12!! That's easy! 11/12/13!! "Look out for projects from everyone in Finally Famous in 2014!!," Adubb says. "Finally Famous Over Everything!!"
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