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Eye of the insect, super lens developed

By Tim Sandle     Sep 20, 2013 in Technology
A remarkable new lens has been invented that combines the focusing ability of a human eye with the wide-angle view of an insect eye to capture images with depth.
The new type of lens shows a wide view, but still offers a sense of human-like depth perception, according to CNET. The lens is made of a flexible transparent polymer filled with a gelatinous fluid similar to fluid inside the human eye. This part is the key innovation. Each dome is adjustable, so that as fluid is pumped into and out of the lens, different parts of it expand and contract to change the overall shape, which means that the direction and focus of the lens can alter.
The man behind the new invention, Yi Zhao, has explains the premise as “Our eye can change focus. An insect eye is made of many small optical components that can't change focus but give a wide view. We can combine the two. What we get is a wide-angle lens with depth of field."
The implications of the discovery, Photonoics explains, are that smartphones that rival the photo quality of digital cameras and surgical imaging that enables doctors to see inside the human body could be developed.
The lens has been developed at the Ohio State University. The development has been described in Technical Digest of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems.
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