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article imageTweets tip off former NFL player of teen partying at his house

By Mike White     Sep 20, 2013 in Sports
Albany - Former New England Patriots' offensive lineman Brian Holloway thought it was a joke when he saw pictures of teenagers who had tweeted they were having a party at his family's second home in New York. The $20,000 in damage inside wasn't funny.
Holloway realized it was no laughing matter when he saw the pictures showed the teenagers were standing on a dining room table he had purchased with a bonus he had earned for playing in the Super Bowl, according to There were allegedly as many as 400 teenagers who had broken into his house to celebrate Labor Day. The holiday is traditionally celebrated on the first Monday in September in the United States.
The former football player said the $20,000 in damage includes broken doors and windows, graffiti and holes in his walls. According to the article, he witnessed the whole thing live on Twitter. He hopes to use the teens' own posts to not only be able to reveal their identities to the police but also encourage the young people to take a better path in life.
In the 1980's Brian Holloway played for the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Raiders. He said he first found out about the party when his 19-year-old son received tweets about the party and told his dad. The article does not name Holloway's son but says he is a sophomore at the University of Florida Southern.
Holloway said he could not believe he was able to receive "eyewitness reports of what was happening. We couldn't believe what was going down."
The former football lineman was in Tampa, Florida, during the incident, according to
Holloway said the tweeters made comments such as, "I'm partying with the NFL. "I've never seen so much alcohol in my life. Oh, we're being busted. Get rid of all the drugs."
Reportedly, Brian Holloway contacted the police. When they arrived, however the damage had already been done.
According to the article, the teenagers allegedly stole and broke multiple items. They also spray-painted graffiti and put holes in the walls.
Allegedly some of the teens broke in through windows. After that, others came in through doors. Some reportedly used a ladder and came in through a window.
Holloway said he went from being furious to wanting to help the teenagers change their lives for the better. He decided to not only hold the young people responsible but also to address the problem of drug and alcohol abuse by teenagers. As a result, he created a website to attempt to do that.
The former football player says he has 170 pictures and tweets from the young people who were allegedly involved. He says 200 of those responsible have been identified, and the rest soon will be. He said some had been at his house at gatherings he had hosted.
Of the 50 volunteers who showed up to help clean Holloway's house, reportedly one was someone who had attended the party.
Yvonne Keefe, a spokesperson for the Rensselaer County Sheriff's Office, said no arrests have been made yet. She said a large investigation is being conducted, however.
Holloway said people will be haunted one day if they find their 15-year-old is dead and in a casket after drinking and driving. He said they will be haunted by questions as to what could have been done differently in the young person's life.
Holloway said some parents of the teenagers allegedly involved even threatened him, according to They reportedly said the pictures may hurt their chances of going to college. The former lineman said after everything the young people did, he can't believe the parents would be upset at him.
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