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article imageAnonymous braces for police violence at Million Mask March Special

By Justin King     Sep 20, 2013 in World
Anonymous continues to be a thorn in the FBI’s side. A group the FBI has referred to as “dismantled” is staging its largest operation to date, the Million Mask March. They are aware the event is throwing salt into the FBI’s wounds.
This time, they are not going to be taking over websites in cyberspace; they’ll be taking over parks and public areas all over the world. On November 5th, Anonymous will make their presence known by staging large-scale rallies and demonstrations in more than 250 cities worldwide. The protests are designed to bring attention to a number of different causes ranging from basic human and civil rights to national grievances, such as the Bradley Manning conviction.
John Fairhurst, the organizer of the event, makes it very clear that it will be peaceful and non-violent. He even goes as far to state that the event will be kid-friendly and asks for no drugs or alcohol to be present. Mr. Fairhurst is trying to do everything possible to make certain there is no violence, but a quick scan of the event’s page on Facebook shows that some participants are worried about the same type of unprovoked violence from law enforcement that happened during the Occupy rallies.
One of the handouts offering advice to marchers on how to handle law enforcement aggression.
One of the handouts offering advice to marchers on how to handle law enforcement aggression.
Anonymous is taking no chances, and is even preparing their own medical teams to treat wounded in the event of a crackdown. A man asking to be identified only as Spektre Mous said:
“I’m not afraid of US forces. I’m a medic. I would treat them, as I would treat any other form of life in this world. I want them to know we’re out there. I want them to know that our message is truly of peace, love, compassion, and the right of the people to express, and assemble.”
He, like most of the participants, believes that an overreaction by law enforcement is possible but was quick to add that the risk was one he was willing to take. “I’m not afraid.” he said.
Anonymous is reaching out to other activist groups and has invited the Oathkeepers, Occupy, and “any other activist organization” to come to any of the more than forty cities in the United States where rallies will be held. With estimates for the Washington, DC event currently reaching between 15,000 and 50,000 attendees, it doesn’t appear that the threat of a government crackdown is deterring would-be participants.
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