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article imageReview: Black Privilege in America

By Alexander Baron     Sep 21, 2013 in Internet
We've all heard of White Privilege, even though it doesn't exist, but what about Black Privilege? One man thinks it is for real. Is he right?
I must confess, when I found this video - by accident - I thought it was some kind of satire, but I'm glad I clicked on it and played it right through. Ditto this one.
Few people will agree with the speaker's thesis that blacks in America constitute a privileged class. Having said that, he does make some excellent points. In the 21st Century, should anyone in the US be whining about slavery? The concept of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (also known as Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) is the sort of laughable nonsense that only the academic elite could come up with, as he points out in the second of the above videos.
Is he right though when he says that no one in the US has experienced slavery? In a sense we are all slaves to the financial system, but that is another story.
Like many so-called white racists he points to the high crime rate among blacks and says you don't see poor whites shooting, killing and maiming each other, at least not to the same extent. Of course, this was not always the case. A great deal of black crime is drug-related. During the Prohibition era we saw essentially the same thing, only then it was white men shooting, killing and maiming each other over alcohol. If the American Government had the courage to repeal all drug laws, we would see black on black crime drop and the prisons empty over night. Here is a video of Milton Friedman explaining in some depth why the American and all governments should give up on the war on drugs. (Here is some background on Friedman).
It is clear that Black America has serious problems, but this guy is making the same mistake as those blacks he obviously despises like race hustler Al Sharpton and airhead "professor of the history of consciousness" Angela Davis.
The bottom line is that there is a large and growing underclass in America, an underclass that is predominantly black but one that increasing numbers of whites and others are joining. There is widespread homelessness in America and even tent cities in some places. Racialising the problem does no good.
Is it true as he claims that blacks are above criticism in the US? Yes and no, this is another example of the tyranny known as political correctness. Women are now above criticism - so-called sexism; so are homosexuals; Jews were, once, but not so much now; and white heterosexual men, well, they are fair game for anyone to attack.
Yes, it is ludicrous for American blacks to continue whining about the American slave era in the 21st Century, and many of his other criticisms are valid, but it is clear he is someone who is doing well for himself; he may have felt differently if he had been in the bottom rather than the top 5%.
There is no single solution to poverty and injustice in America because there is no single cause, but it is clear that many of the proposed solutions have made real problems worse. Anti-drug laws have made a real drug problem a hundred times worse; the minimum wage has destroyed jobs; restrictions and controls on businesses have increased costs with no real benefit to the consumer, and so on. There are ways to lift poor people out of poverty, but they have nothing to do with race.
The principal goal of the race lobby is to force social integration when clearly the overwhelming majority of whites and most other racial groups are opposed to this. Forced integration is not the same as desegregation, and is clearly a case of left wing hysteria.
Like many conservative blacks, our friend has little or no sympathy for Trayvon Martin. He might have felt differently if self-styled neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman had confronted him that night. In fact, he'd probably have fired first.
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