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article imageInterview with Impact Wrestling star Kenny King Special

By Layne Weiss     Sep 20, 2013 in Sports
Las Vegas - Impact Wrestling star Kenny King is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. Firstly, his real last name is my first name. Secondly, he's the only wrestler I know who was also once a Chippendales dancer. He's retired from that life now.
If you've been to a Chippendales show in Las Vegas, you've probably seen Kenny. If you're a professional wrestling fan, you've probably seen Kenny.
When I met Kenny in 2009, he was wrestling for Ring of Honor Wrestling. In the years that followed, he would go on to win the tag team belts with fellow wrestler Rhett Titus. In 2012, Kenny left ROH after about five years with the company, deciding to join Impact Wrestling.
"Why did you leave?" I asked.
"I left because there was a bigger opportunity," he said. "I also left because I had given ROH what I felt was a long enough period of time to convince me to stay and they did a pretty piss poor job of that. Not everyone. Just probably one person in particular."
He continued, "I personally feel like I handled it the best way I could based on what I was looking at...."
"So overall, are you happy with the decision you made to join Impact Wrestling?"
"Yeah, TNA's great!" he says. "Look, I gambled on my ability and won the X-Division championship in six months and I held it for three. I'm featured on Spike TV and I got to go on the UK Tour. I'm very happy there."
During the interview, Kenny also revealed that he's no longer a Chippendales dancer.
"I'm a retired Chippendale," he said. "I left pretty suddenly. It was time to go. Actually, Ian Ziering and I had our last shows the same night."
"Like from 90210?!"
"Ian Ziering was the guest host for our show for the early part of summer," Kenny told me. "Joey Lawrence did it last summer." And yes. He was talking about Ian Ziering as in Steve Sanders.
He told me Chippendales is a full-on choreographed Las Vegas show. "No tips, no lap dances, it's "all a staged thing."
Kenny was actually willing to go onto national television with a Chippendale type gimmick (character), but they didn't see the monetary value in that. That's when Kenny made his decision to leave.
"I don't blame you!"
It has never been any secret that Kenny and I share a love for hip-hop. It is also no secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 was recently released. I'm not really a gamer by any means, but Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Flying Lotus, and so much more....!!!
So, of course I had to ask Kenny if he's gotten the game yet!
"I'm gonna borrow my brother's," he said. "I love the attention that Rockstar pays to their games and the level of accountability they hold themselves to. I wish more companies had as much pride in their work."
"I feel like i need to look into this. if only for the music for starters....What have you been listening to lately?"
"Nothing new. Of the new school, Big Sean and Kendrick are bringing the lyrics back, and that's always appreciated," he said.
"Absolutely! I covered this Big Sean event recently and I met a lot of the Finally Famous crew. I knew some others from previous events.
I met Sean too! He said, 'Hey pretty gurrrl!' I was all giddy."
For the record, I very much appreciate Kendrick and Big Sean too.
And if you guys remember, JOHN, he's in Finally Famous.
Anyway, to finish up the interview, I decided to do some word association with Kenny.
Hulk Hogan: "Icon. Still pop when I see him backstage."
He-Man: "My first tighty whiteys"
Favorite food: "Curry Chicken"
Joe Budden: "Underrated lyrical genius"
DisneyWorld: "Facade of greed"
Inspiration: "She's six-years-old, has brown hair, and has the ability to blow me away daily."
Check out Kenny on Twitter: KennyKingPinX! And watch Impact Wrestling every Thursday at 9 PM on Spike TV!
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