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article imageOp-Ed: Setting goals is not easy; software designer believes he can help Special

By Jonathan Farrell     Sep 20, 2013 in Lifestyle
San Francisco - While 'Chief Fire-Starter' might be a job description for some people, to David Delp an artist/musician and entrepreneur, it's more than that, it is a vocation.
Over the past decade, Delp has been helping people "touch their dreams" by using goals to focus on what they care about most."
With his more than 25 years of experience as community organizer, software designer and parent, two years ago he established "Pilot Fire."
Delp believes very strongly he has found his calling. With the forming of his endeavor, he has officially joined the ever-growing ranks of the motivational speaker and life-coach category. As the New Jersey Journal points out, over the past five years, the National Speakers Association said it has 3,800 members, 725 of whom classify themselves as motivational speakers.
Yet he insists Pilot Fire is not simply another motivational program. Delp clarified Pilot Fire as a way to "design super duper tools to help an individual focus her or his attention and craft a life that person wouldn’t trade for a bazillion dollars or even a time machine."
Time machine? Delp noted that one of the reasons why people get side-tracked when setting goals is because they think of them in terms of distance or some where far off in the future.
"Setting goals puts 'wings on our desires' by taking one step at a time," he noted.
But Delp pointed out that sometimes reaching goals does not always lead to fulfillment.
"Once the euphoria wears off, he said, we still have daily life to deal with. I help people engage with short-term goals. That's really where we live."
David Delp has over 25 years of experience as a community organizer  artist  musician  software desi...
David Delp has over 25 years of experience as a community organizer, artist, musician, software designer and entrepreneur. He began Pilot Fire over two years ago.
Courtesy of David Delp and Pilot Fire
"Sometimes telling people to 'follow their dreams' is not the best advice." "We all fantasize about our dreams, said Delp. But that, for some people just thinking about it does not get them any closer to the goals."
One of the things Delp helps clients to do is manage their time, focus and energy. Often the obstacle to reaching a goal is the inability to manage time.
"I like to call managing your time, focus, and energy 'attention management,' he said. "Attention is our most precious resource."
"Pilot Fire" is the energy one puts into the direction of their life. As a creative person, Delp understands the dynamics of time and energy.
Sometimes the obstacles to our goals can be the inability to set them. And  that can be a hindrance ...
Sometimes the obstacles to our goals can be the inability to set them. And, that can be a hindrance to moving forward.
Courtesy of David Delp and Pilot Fire
Delp has developed software as part of his tool/program package. He will be launching this software in the next two weeks. Delp provides group workshop style classes as well as one-on-one counseling.
The software is designed to help people plan their day-week, express their goal and to share it with others. Delp understands setbacks, lack of funds and personal losses, like the loss of a loved one. He knows these things very well.
The software helps you identify an important goal, find people to help keep you on track, and identify the very next steps you need to take.
Yet, he also knows that even with some very difficult obstacles set in front of a person's life, reaching goals and fulfilling important desires is possible.
 Setting goals puts  wings on our desires  by taking one step at a time   says David Delp  founder a...
"Setting goals puts 'wings on our desires' by taking one step at a time," says David Delp, founder and creative director of 'Pilot Fire.'
Courtesy of David Delp and Pilot Fire
"A person doesn't really know what is important until that person is fully committed. Setting goals, realizing the meaning of dreams and fulfilling desires requires a commitment. Delp believes his approach can help people.
"I've been following Dave's system, and any other system that I can find on productivity." And even though, I thought I knew a lot," said Daniel Solorio, "It was actually very helpful to talk to him." "And, get some feedback, he said on how I was actually doing. I'm looking forward to meeting with Dave again."
Deborah Steinberg agreed as she said, "I highly recommend talking with David. He helped me start identifying my goals and shared tools with me to help me organize and prioritize a huge to-do-list." Over a dozen people have posted their praise of Delp's work and skill at career- and life-steering. And with regards to Delp's software, engineer and client Matthew Michels had this to say; “I use the Pilot Fire system to focus my day and add a broader range of actions to my week." "Even if I miss a day or two," said Michels, "the simplicity of the system makes it easy to pick up and get focused again on purposeful living.”
"David is amazing," said Stewart Snyder. "He has a knack for simplifying and clarifying what I was trying to say." The praises go on. Yet more importantly for Delp is the joy he receives when he helps someone. For more information about David Delp and Pilot Fire, visit the Pilot Fire web site.
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