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article imageGennifer Flowers says Clinton confided that Hillary is bisexual

By Eric Morales     Sep 19, 2013 in Politics
The woman outed as Bill Clinton's 13-year mistress reveals the former President tried to contact her after Hurricane Katrina, and sheds light on Hillary Clinton's sexuality.
Two decades after the 1992 presidential campaign of Bill Clinton was rocked by allegations that the Arkansas Governor had been having a 12-year affair with a cabaret singer, the 63-year-old Gennifer Flowers reveals that she regrets not sitting down and talking to the former President when she had the chance.
"We have some unresolved issues that it would be nice to sit down and talk about now. He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things." Flowers told the Mail Online.
For 13 years, Clinton and Flowers had no contact between the two, then Hurricane Katrina hit, Flowers, now living in New Orleans, and Bill Clinton, taking a leading role in rebuilding the Gulf Coast, saw the former President reach out according to Flowers.
"He called me back in 2005 in New Orleans. He wanted to put on the hoodie and jog on over like he used to." Gennifer Flowers says, "First I was just shocked. He was so adamant about wanting to sit down and talk to me in person. It almost seemed like what I had heard of people who were going through a 12 step program and wanted to atone to people for various things."
At the time Gennifer Flowers had just ended a ten year marriage to restaurant owner Finis D. Shelnutt.
"I was scared. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see him in my heart of hearts. I was just afraid. But there’s going to be an attachment forever. If we had the opportunity to sit down and visit with each other in person, I’m not saying the romance would be rekindled but we will always have something. Whatever you might call it." Flowers reveals, "Bill and I would be together today if it wasn't for politics. It was me, Bill and Hillary. Then they had Chelsea and the stakes got too high"
In January 1992 The Star tabloid named Gennifer as Bill Clinton's mistress of 12 years. She denied it at first but later produced tapes of her conversations with Bill Clinton. In 1997 during his deposition for former Arkansas State employee Paula Jones attorney's, the sitting president admitting to having a sexual encounter with Gennifer Flowers once in 1977.
Now years later Gennifer Flowers who posed for Playboy in late 1992, is writing her own sex advice column, wishes the 67-year-old former president would write her, even if he did it anonymously.
"I wish he would write to me." Flowers says, "He could do it. People don't have to send their name. Really he taught me a lot."
However it may not be her admission that her love for the Democrat politician that captivated the 90's still burns that will raise eyebrows, but her supposed revelations about Hillary Clinton's sexuality.
"He said Hillary had (performed more cunnilingus) than he had." Gennifer Flowers tells the Mail Online.
Flowers states that she is not surprised at rumors that Hillary Clinton had an affair with aide and wife of Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, calling the Clinton's marriage less than traditional, and that according to Gennifer Flowers, Hillary is only loyal to husband Bill Clinton to quench her thirst for power, and to ultimately end up in the White House.
"Absolutely that was her reason for sticking by him and he’s going to stick by her because he owes her that. I would have thrown his clothes out on the front lawn but that’s just me."
Today Gennifer Flowers is single, living in Louisiana, and still singing. The woman who admitted she netted a $500,000 profit from publicizing her affair with Clinton says the ordeal still haunts her.
"I’m still affected by it, the Clinton's in some way every day and every day something happens that sparks a memory." Gennifer Flowers states. "It was a defining moment in American culture absolutely and to an extent I paid a high price for my honesty."
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