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article imageiOS 7 Upgrade Considerations Special

By Jacki Viles     Sep 19, 2013 in Technology
Atlanta - Apple has released its iOS 7 upgrade today and techs and non-techs are glued to their devices and waiting patiently for their download. Apple servers are no doubt at maximum capacity as early adopters queue up and wait.
This is a highly anticipated major release with a large number of upgrades and new features. A total overhaul of the UI has made the look and feel similar to Windows 8 and Android. Apple is touting the design change as “The world’s most advanced mobile OS. In it’s most advanced form.” And that very well may be. But as with all major upgrades there are a few things to keep in mind.
First, take a breath. Give this a few weeks or a month before you upgrade your devices. Unless you are an IT Pro and need to document the release; what’s the hurry? In the next couple of months the bug fix/point release to iOS 7 will be out and you will be glad you waited. Let the ‘Others’ jump in and guinea pig this release and report their findings to the masses.
Unless you support these for a living and have a few test devices on hand you might really rely on your iPhone or iPad. Email, messaging, phone usage and OK- social media is at risk if you mindlessly upgrade a major platform release. If you are willing to lose your contacts or your music even for a minute then jump right in. Otherwise, take a few minutes to do a little homework. It will save you and potentially the support people a lot of time down the road.
Cannot reach Apple to upgrade ITunes or download IOS 7
Cannot reach Apple to upgrade ITunes or download IOS 7
Many will find the upgrade install is easier if they go through ITunes. It will definitely save you the indignation of running out of battery power prematurely. You will have to have at least ITunes version 11.0.5 before you can continue. The current release of your version can be found in the Summary section in the ITunes application.
While you are on the summary page, with your device plugged in; check how much space is available. The iOS 7 installation will need 3.3 GB of free space. The actual OS will be a mere 752 MB once installed. If you don’t have enough space, please do a little housekeeping and make some space available. Oh! By the way, the cheap little 8 GB iPhone 4 you just picked up will be a tight squeeze.
Back up your device. On the same Summary page in ITunes, choose to manually back up your device to your computer or to iCloud. Just be sure that your ITunes is already at the latest version! It may matter down the road if you have to restore a back up that was created in an earlier version of ITunes. Remember that a back up and restore may only be helpful to you if you are unable to successfully install the upgrade. The iOS 7 final release upgrade, once installed, is not reversible or down gradable to iOS 6.
Do you know what version your phone or iPad is? Not all of the versions are compatible with this release. You’re safe if your iPhone is a later version iPhone 4 or better. I should remind you here that if you have an iPhone 4 and were hoping to get Siri or AirDrop from this release; you are mistaken. I’ve created a quick table below to show what hardware is supported.
Screen shots of IOS 7 Upgrade
Screen shots of IOS 7 Upgrade
Finally, you may have some old apps that you are fond of or that are mission critical for work. I would check with these vendors to make sure your old apps will work with IOS 7.
No doubt there will be many updates in the months to come and there will be new iOS 7 applications to choose from at the App Store. I’m certain that several of you will decide not to upgrade right away. Until you see the one app you cannot live without and it only runs on iOS 7. If that is your motivation, at least you are prepared.
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