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article imageNew York City-set dramedy ‘Gays: the Series’ debuts this fall

By Mathew Wace Peck     Sep 18, 2013 in Entertainment
New York Mills - A new drama-comedy, created by the New York-based artist, Peter William Dunn, will be the latest in a growing number if independent web series to hit the Internet when it debuts this fall.
Gays: the Series follows a group of twenty-something gay men living and working in America’s Big Apple.
Dunn, who was born in New York, trained at Boston College before travelling throughout Europe. He returned to his home city a few years ago, to work as an artist. Like many in his profession, he supplements his living through other means; in his case, by freelancing in reality-TV production and bartending.
Ahead of the series’ launch, Dunn spoke to the South Florida Gay News. In the interview, he says he’d spent years helping other people achieve their dreams – through his reality-TV work – and, in the process, lost sight of what his own personal dreams were.
“I’d gotten so caught up [it], mixed with insane night hours as a bartender that I’d pretty much abandoned my own,” he tells SFGN. “So I said no more bartending, no more freelance jobs, give yourself six months, see what you can do.”
Dunn goes on to explain that basis for Gays: The Series came from just one character in one scene. From there, “[The story] pretty much poured out of me as if it had been stewing there for years.”
In recent years, the Internet has seen an explosion of indie-produced films and series appear. Free from the commercial and other constraints that are inherent with trying to get programmes on to network TV stations, the web has opened up a whole new platform for writers, producers, directors and actors to present work that normally would have little chance of success.
Something similar has been happening in the world of literature, of course. For years, rather than trying to sell ideas to the mainstream publishers, people have been telling their stories online through their blogs and websites. And now, of course, the mainstream publishers scour those sites, see what is receiving the most traffic and signing those writers up.
And it doesn’t stop there. Many people, the young especially, are using the Internet to showcase their not inconsiderable talents – graphic artists, video producers, animators and singers, for example, are showing, through the Internet, that they are often as good as, if not better than, people already working in the so-called mainstream.
Similarly, web-produced drama content is going to lead, for some at least, to mainstream work down the line.
Gays  the Series
Gays, the Series
Gays, the Series / Peter William Dunn (Facebook)
Back to Dunn and his web series, though. For now, the 27-year-old says that he’s already written treatments for seasons two and three, and how to move things on into season four without the format losing its freshness.
“My initial goal was to create a show for our community that I felt would help fill a void of there not being enough strong and smart gay programming,” he tells SFGN. “I also wanted to create a show that wasn’t solely for our community but that everyone who’s not an actual homophobe could enjoy. Just a really entertaining show that could stand up there with the greats of television.”
Of course, what goes with this creative freedom is the lack of corporate financing. As with the independent film-makers of old, therefore, funding a web project relies on ones own resources, those of ordinary sponsors – whether they be friends, family, the actors and crew involved or private investors – and online fundraising sites such as Indie Go-Go.
For this series, Dunn says, “I had been saving money to move overseas again, but to dream you have to take risks, so I poured every penny of [those] savings into Gays. We also have a couple of independent private investors who believe in the potential of the show. And we’ll be launching an Indie go-go within the next week or two to raise the rest of the money we need to complete the show.”
Gays: the Series – Will
Gays: the Series – Will
Gays, the Series / Peter William Dunn (Facebook)
Another essential is having a cast and crew who are willing to defer payment until – and if – there is any commercial success. Dunn again: “[It] has just been so monumentally moving to meet so many people who believe in this thing, care about it, and want to make it a reality to share with everyone.”
Gays: the Series commences web-broadcast in the fall (autumn) of 2013.
To keep up to date on all the developments, visit the Gays: the Series Facebook page.
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