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article imageCommunity encouraged to take their teens out for a drink

By Justin King     Sep 15, 2013 in Odd News
A plan to combat youth binge drinking in Ireland has pub owners setting aside family nights for their patrons to bring their teens in for a pint. The plan has backing from some unexpected sources.
John O’Donovan, Principal of Saint Joseph’s Secondary School, has come out in favor of the idea, saying that he feels bringing families together socially in a pub is a lovely idea. The campaign will take place around Christmas.
The Vintner’s Federation of Ireland said the main concern is youth binge drinking on cheap alcohol purchased outside of pubs; the social interaction is a secondary benefit. The Federation hopes that by parents bringing their teens into the pubs, they will see how to properly and responsibly enjoy alcohol.
A proposal of this kind is bound to generate controversy; there have been two major criticisms of the program. The first is that publicans and the VFI have no business telling parents how to raise their children by hosting a voluntary event. The second, and perhaps more telling complaint, is that it does not start young enough. The current proposal is focusing on those that are 18 or 19. Surveys conducted by the Health Research Promotion Centre at NUI Galway on drinking found that more than half of Irish youth aged 15 to 17 had been “really drunk.” That descriptive term was a separate choice from just “drunk.” Some feel that by the age the program is targeting, the damage is already done.
While controversial, it does appear that the plan will be going ahead in Counties Kerry and Cork.
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