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Op-Ed: Did People Power stop the bombing of Syria?

By Alexander Baron     Oct 5, 2013 in Politics
London - The London-based Stop-the-War Coalition is claiming "we" stopped the bombing of Syria. We may have, but there is still a long way to go.
Let's be clear about this, if John McCain had beaten Barack Obama in 2008, there would have been no civil war in Syria, because the entire Gulf would have been aflame. The Zionist lobby and the neo-cons would have pressurised him into attacking Iran, not that it would have taken much pressure, and we would have seen destruction and suffering on a scale that would have dwarfed what is happening now in Syria.
It is clear that for all his faults, Barack Obama has no desire to continue the insane cycle of wars in which America has been involved incessantly since the Gulf War of 1990 which was prompted by Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait, and don't let's talk about the Cold War, Vietnam, Korea...
Having said that, after evidence emerged of gas attacks in Syria, Obama indicated that the US would indeed intervene with air strikes. What happened next was astounding. In the UK, Parliament voted against intervening in Syria. And, realising the US would have to go it alone, Obama backed down.
Neither the defeat of the British Government nor the halting of an announced attack on Syria would have happened without mass demonstrations and protests, not simply in the UK and the US but globally, and "world opinion" remains strongly opposed to any kind of military intervention.
There have been many claims that the gas attacks allegedly carried out by the Assad Government have been faked; you will find news reports to this effect on YouTube. There have also been claims that the rebels have used poison gas, which raises the quaint question, if this is proved, should we bomb both sides?
Quaintness aside, what should we do now? The Stop-the-War Coalition has a few suggestions, including a big anti-war conference in Central London on November 30. Okay, some of the speakers are, well...Tariq Ali, for one, but even Marxists aren't wrong all the time.
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