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article imageThe Student Assembly Against Austerity

By Alexander Baron     Oct 22, 2013 in Politics
London - The next big event protesting against the Coalition Government's manufactured austerity programme will be held in Central London on November 2.
There are already many UK websites dedicated to the fight against austerity. Up until recently the Student Assembly Against Austerity appears to have been a page or two on the one called the People's Assembly Against Austerity. Now it has its own dedicated website, and a presence on Tumblr.
This organisation is concerned primarily with austerity as far as it affects students, but of course the students of today are the citizens of tomorrow, and one thing no one needs at the beginning of a professional life is the yoke of debt.
It may seem strange that tuition fees should be an issue when along with others, the British Government is setting up MOOCs so that people anywhere in the world can study with our universities, and when anyone with an Internet connection can study all manner of subjects free with the ad hoc University of YouTube.
Be that as it may, the Student Assembly is urging students everywhere to form local campus groups. One caveat — this organisation may have noble goals, but it has also attracted many of the usual suspects, including the gay "rights" brigade. Here is an article by one of the sort of people who will be in the thick of things on November 2 lobbying against the plans of Call Me Dave and Chancellor George Osborne to continue "paying down the deficit," even if the medicine does kill the patient.
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