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article imageReview: Damsels in no distress — Women and crime on YouTube

By Alexander Baron     Sep 15, 2013 in Crime
Gloucester - If you thought women were the weaker sex, think again. Here is a round up of videos from YouTube showing them giving as good as they get.
The first video comes from Sutton which was released by the police recently. It shows a would-be thief who tried to rob two women at an ATM. This has to be a uniquely stupid crime, taking on not one but two young fillies both of whom would clearly have gotten the better of him one to one, and doing so while handicapped by his bicycle. That is if it is his bicycle.
What is even more foolish than trying to rob two athletic young women? How about trying to rob a shop full of them? This video, which was posted five months ago, shows a would-be robber getting swamped by his would-be victim and her workmates.
Okay, one man taking on a group of fit young women is a mistake, but what about an entire gang taking on a 71 year old? This video uploaded two and a half years ago shows what may just be Superman's mother, who was obviously unable to find a phone booth in which to change into her costume.
Here is the story of a pregnant woman who took on a bag snatcher; in retrospect she realises this was not such a good idea, but things turned out all right in the end, though not for Vaughn Brown.
A potential home invader thought it would be easy pickings when a small woman opened the door to him. She turned out to be small but deadly, because although he threw the first punch, that was about as far as he got.
Finally, here is a video of a girl who was not so brave, girl being the operative word. How old would you say she is? According to the Daily Mail, which on this occasion might just be trusted, she is 19 years old; her victim was not a day less than 80.
If this act was despicable and cowardly in equal measure, it was also incredibly unwise. An assault on any person of that age is potentially fatal; many elderly people - men as well as women - lose calcium from their bones. Falling over like this poor gent did can result in a fracture or even a clean break. In the elderly, such injuries can lead to opportunistic infections and complications, like pneumonia. If the victim dies shortly after such an assault this could result in a manslaughter or even a murder charge. In the event of such a trial, most juries would consider that a person of normal intelligence should have been aware of the possible consequences of such an assault, and would have no hesitation in convicting.
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