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article imageOp-Ed: Pamela Wallin keeps lying as she's forced to pay Canadians back

By Marcus Hondro     Sep 14, 2013 in Politics
It's painful for Canadians to read the words of Pamela Wallin. Forced by the Senate to pay back money she cheated the taxpayer out of, she protests. She's been wronged, Wallin claims, insisting that is so despite heaps of evidence to the contrary.
The Senate hired the private, independent firm of Deloitte to conduct the audit and it has taken two months to complete. They have been thorough, examining all relevant documents and allowing Ms. Wallin every opportunity to present evidence.
What they found was a pattern of abuse, a calculated attempt to cover up, and a Canadian taxpayer that was basely cheated by a woman who abandoned integrity in order to fly about the country to non-government functions at her fellow citizen's expense.
Senator Wallin: Pay back time
Ms. Wallin recently paid Canada back $100,600 in false expense claims and $13,938 in interest. Added to the $38,369 she paid back prior to the audit, she's now repaid, by order, over $150,000 (she does not have to pay for the expense of the audit). Despite the audit finding that she had made dozens of travel claims for trips to personal, business or partisan events, she is squawking.
The former Conservative senator, who now sits as an Independent, had the gall to release a statement Friday that said she accepts that mistakes made were hers but she meant to follow the travel policies in place "at the time." The previous policies, in place during the time under question, did not, however, allow for any expenses to be claimed for travel to personal events, non-Senate business events or partisan events, which, again, the audit found that she did.
Altered Microsoft Outlook calendar
Deloitte also found that Ms. Wallin's Microsoft Outlook calendar had, once their audit had been announced, been altered from prior archived versions. It was "inconsistent" the audit report said, and from previous versions meetings were added and deleted and dates changed to put her in a better light.
The changing of her Microsoft Outlook calendar she did not address in her statement. She said she was the victim of a "lynch mob" but would not appeal the decision. The 'gracious' Ms. Wallin, who will remain in the Senate because she claims to have done nothing wrong, said she made her decision not to appeal because she does not want the Canadian taxpayer to be put to any expense.
It's a little late for that.
An audit of this kind, with the credibility of the Senate hanging in the balance, is not likely to get it wrong, and the evidence they've presented is compelling. Pamela Wallin cheated, lied about it and tried to cover that up. She's still lying by stating she'd simply made mistakes while trying to follow guidelines.
It's not rocket science, a grade-school kid could tell you that you don't get others to pay for your personal business. You don't unless you're a cheater, that is. Is there anything to be done about it? Can she be removed from her $132,000 a year job? That does not appear possible but the Senate should try, should do all they can to remove her.
Short of cheating, that is.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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