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article imageOp-Ed: Why we should end standardized testing

By Johnnie Guerrio     Sep 13, 2013 in Lifestyle
Parents are beginning to take their children out of school on days they have standardized tests. This may be seen as a bad thing to most teachers, but this saves students from stress, humiliation, and dealing with teachers who are in over their heads.
According to the Courier Post, more and more kids are being pulled out of standardized testing by their parents. While most teachers and even other parents have deemed this a bad idea, I myself believe that this is a good idea, and that hopefully down the line, standardized testing is a thing of the past.
Standardized tests, at one point, were to see what the children were learning and were not learning. While this may have been a good thing 20 or 30 years ago, it now causes dread, stress, and often times anxiety for the children who are doing the tests. Children who are apart of standardized tests are under enough pressure to get good grades, but when these tests come around, it can stress out students ten times more than they already are.
Teachers now are not even teaching much. They mainly rely on little packets of information, computers, and books to do the teaching for them. These tests are more for the teachers than students, to prove that they are doing their jobs and that the students are just too lazy and not learning or interested in learning.
From past experience, I can vouch for the students who get stressed out from these tests. It doesn't prove that students are, or are not, learning. Most of the material in the standardized tests are stuff that many students have yet to learn, which can cause problems for the students. These problems could be anxiety, depression, and tons of stress.
The parents who are yanking their kids out of school during these tests are doing so for good reason. They see how their child is at home when these tests are coming around, and they don't like how much their child suffers during testing week. I believe that, since the parents are making such a huge movement as this, they should be the ones to decide if their kids have to do the standardized tests or not.
The important question is, why would the teachers want to schedule these tests to begin with? Is it for the sake of children learning, or is it to somehow make them feel better about their teaching?
What do you think? Should standardized testing be a thing of the past, or will it actually help the students in the long run?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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