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Operation: SyrianStorm, the other reason the Senate has not voted Special

By Justin King     Sep 10, 2013 in World
Anonymous launched #Op SyrianStorm two weeks ago. It is an intensive anti-war phone and email campaign targeting U.S. politicians and media outlets.
It started two weeks ago, and is still ongoing. Visibly, participants of the operation are calling senators and congressmen, emailing the president and posting anti-war information on large media outlets' Facebook pages. It is what is going on behind the scenes that make this campaign unlike the many other anti-war crusades.
Anonymous is manipulating the search results of major internet outlets to show users information relevant to opposing the war, rather than what they see as propaganda supporting it. Through the creative use of “twitter bombs” and search engine optimization, the group is bringing information that would be buried otherwise into the top page of the search results. Anonymous supporter Alex Freeman had this to say:
“You are a good citizen. You pay your taxes. You pay your mortgage on time. You work 60 hours a week to do it, so you’re really only home to shower and sleep, but you pay it anyway. You have a long drive, so you turn your radio to your local NPR station to find out what’s going on in the world. Trayvon. Kimye. Sarin in Syria. Mubarek. Trayvon.
Wait, what? Sarin gas attack in Syria? Where is the humanity? Who could do such a thing? Why?
You know this can’t be good, so you flip your computer on and start researching. Work be [expletive deleted]. You see article after article video after video giving you as much of a history lesson as an update on current events. It pains you to look, but you can’t tear away from it either. Why is a search for Syria bringing up info on the World Trade Center? About the Gulf of Tonkin and Agent Orange? The Federal Reserve? You were researching Assad, right? Right?
Throughout the day, one word or term occurs more than others. More than Zionism. More than False Flag. More than New World Order. That word is Anonymous. You’ve been to the New York Times and Washington Post websites. You’ve visited CNN, Huffington Post, and Fox News sites. But you found very little substantive information. Most of your data has come from following shared articles and videos on Facebook or Twitter. They lead you to YouTube videos and so many alternative journalism sites that you, yesterday, had no idea existed.
Your workday is gone. You’ve spent all day online and feel like you could continue swimming in this information for a few more days and not touch bottom.”
“#OpSyrianStorm uses the United States system against itself. Based on the premise that the American citizen owns the government, it empowers the operator to take control back. No mask necessary. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to freedom of speech and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. #OpSyrianStorm begins with the premise that the legislators and elected officials of the United States federal government are beholden to the people of this country, not to LockheedMartin or Haliburton or JPMorganChase. It is beholden to the people of this country, not The Trilateral Commission or Council on Foreign Relations. In order to operate within #OpSyrianStorm all that is required is to call your own elected representative and senators, as well as the White House and have your voice on record in opposition to any military strike in Syria. Next steps would be to expand to all Senators and Representatives. Anonymous operators have the ability to send mass emails, ensuring that the email inboxes of the elected members of the federal government are full of statements demanding votes against military action and a stand down of the US military in the region.”
Freeman went on to say that he has contacted Senator Harry Reid’s press office and asked for an admission that the Anonymous operation has impacted U.S. foreign policy.
As the underground movement begins to engage openly in national politics, Anonymous is waging an all out public relations war intended to bring as many people of different demographics into the collective as possible.
“The battle for the hearts and minds of all Americans has evolved from this. With the fabrications and short term memory of Mainstream Media, members of Anonymous and activists whose beliefs align with Anonymous on this subject have begun an effort called #Troll4Truth. This effort enlists operators to share the links that tell the real story on the social media pages of Mainstream Media sites, as well as in the comments section of their websites. The hope is to open the eyes of as many Americans as possible. The world has awakened to the tyranny of corporate interests. This summer, Brazilians and Turks resisted the actions of their governments for much, much less. Anonymous and other online activists are engaged in building a resistance to American Imperialism, to take the power back as a voting public, and not allow unjust wars to be launched based on lies.
These efforts have been successful to this point. The British Parliament voted against action in Syria… the United States legislature is yet to vote, but many officials are expressing the large volume of calls and emails, some reporting that 100% of the calls received in this particular office were against military action. These efforts have also been successful in reaching members of the armed forces. Active duty soldiers, in significant numbers are writing messages of solidarity, that “This is not what I enlisted for”.
#OpSyrianStorm is a public relations campaign to educate the masses, to awaken them, and to call them into effective political action. With 91% of the country against military action in Syria, especially one initiated at the sole discretion of the President without Congressional approval, the United States government is in a position where they may be forced to back down, or else lose their authority and legitimacy to govern. #OpSyrianStorm will rip the curtains back on their show, and reveal it as a fiction.”
At the time of writing, Senator Reid had not responded to the request by Freeman, however the senate has delayed its test vote on military action in Syria.
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