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article imageIsrael warns that they will topple Assad if attacked

By Eric Morales     Sep 9, 2013 in World
Jerusalem - Israeli Knesset's Foreign Affairs chairman Avigdor Lieberman warns the Syrian government that if they attack the Jewish State, they will meet their end.
If Syrian ruler Bashar Assad attacks Israel the Jewish state will see to it that he doesn't remain in power, the statement comes from Avigdor Lieberman according to the Jerusalem Post.
“The supreme Israeli interest is to remain outside the conflict,” Lieberman wrote on his Facebook page. “There are many figures trying to drag us in. We have successfully avoided that and we should continue in the future. That is why Bashar Assad’s threats in various media outlets to expand the conflict to neighboring countries bother me. Israel has no interest, will or intention to take part in the Syrian civil war, but Assad must understand in the clearest way possible that if he and his regime do not leave us a choice and he attacks Israel or transfers chemical weapons to Hezbollah, Israel will respond in the harshest way possible, including toppling his regime.”
The Soviet born Knesset member Avigdor Lieberman once served as Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister as well as Deputy Prime Minister, however he is currently on trial for fraud and breach of trust, if acquitted he will return to his Foreign Ministry post.
Lieberman went on to say that the Syrian civil war was turning out to be the cruelest conflict the 21st century has seen and that no quick military strike against the Syrian regime or diplomatic solution would turn out to be the answer. Lieberman continued to state that the international community had a vested interest in ending the bloodshed in Syria.
In a speech to Yisrael Beiteinu activist last week Avigdor Lieberman sent a warning to Bashar Assad in Damascus.
“We aren’t the reason for what is happening in Syria,” Lieberman told the crowd. “The entire civil war did not start because of Israel or because of our conflict with the Palestinians. We have no interest in becoming part of what is happening there. But I recommend not testing us or dragging us in, because we are ready.”
The Jewish state has attacked Syria before, attacking a missile convoy in July. After Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, Syria sent ground forces to assist the Lebanese resistance and has continued to support resistance against Israel.
The Israeli government has taken the step of deploying gas masks to its citizens in case the Assad regime strikes at Israel with chemical weapons.
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