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article imageXbox One leaked dashboard video shows multitasking functions

By Oliver VanDervoort     Sep 9, 2013 in Entertainment
The Xbox One dashboard has been one of the items that gamers have been most interested in getting a good look at since the announcement of the console.
Most of the world is going to have to wait until this fall to get a hands on look, but earlier this morning a video of someone playing the console leaked online. This video gives gamers a good look at the video quality of the device and a decent look at how the revamped dashboard is going to work.
The YouTube video posted online shows the user loading up the Roman Epic, "Ryse" and watching a few minutes of the opening cinematics. After about 30 seconds, the user minimizes the game and is able to go back to the dashboard. While the display itself does not seem that much different from the Xbox 360, there is one notable exception. Instead of completely shutting down the game and having to start it back up later, the game will continue playing.
Whether or not this is true when you actually get into game play, or only when talking about cinematics that don't require your attention, this feature still seems like one that could make a big difference. Video games have increasingly included quite a bit of useful information in these cut scenes, but they can also be quite long. Some game developers pride themselves on bringing more of the story into focus but gamers might not want to spend 10 minutes after they start up a game with back story.
On the Xbox One, it appears that gamers can shrink the cut scene and perform other functions while they wait for the scene to end and game play to begin.
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