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Op-Ed: Is having a tattoo a no-no for job interviewers?

By Ron Jayson Timbang     Sep 9, 2013 in Health
Thinking of whether or not to hide your tattoo before a scheduled job interview for your dream job or whether or not having your body inked can affect your chances of getting employed?
Well, it looks like there is a huge probability that those tattoos can make you fail an interview, a study from the University of St. Andrews suggests.
According to an article from Men’s Health, the research delved on the perceptions of managers, mostly those working for hotels, banks and universities. The research states there are mostly negative perceptions among the group about job candidates with tattoos.
Some said that tattoos are the first thing hiring mangers talk about when you leave; others admitted that if there were two equal applicants, they’d probably choose the one without a tat.
Note however the industry in which the participants came from; they are mostly from a corporate setting. “It all depends on the type of customer,” says Andrew Timming, Ph.D, the author of the study.
A study from Employment Office reveals how employees think about tattoos in the workplace. According to a poll conducted by the employment agency, 60 percent of employees consider having a co-worker’s tattoo being visible at work unacceptable. Meanwhile, 64 percent believe that body arts should be covered during a job interview.
So should you get rid of your tattoos or not think at all of being inked? Well, it still depends upon you and how you view your body art. If you think that your qualifications are enough to have you get the job you want in spite of what employers think of you having tattoos, then there is no reason for you to have them erased. Moreover, if you view them as a way to express yourself and your culture, then why erase them? Take pride on them.
In contrast, if you think that they will hinder your chances of employment, then you have the choice to hide them by wearing proper clothing for your scheduled job interview. You can also consider some methods for tattoo removal like lasers, if you want to get rid of your tattoos permanently. If you still don’t have them, you always have the choice to consider having your body inked or not.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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