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article imageAmarillo, TX restaurant notice of closure insults entire town

By Dawn Denmar     Sep 7, 2013 in Business
Amarillo - An Italian restaurant shutting up shop in Amarillo, Texas left a notice on the door of the closed diner insulting the town's population. Given the location of the eatery, though, the notice is more likely to offend any of the diners' returning customers.
Italians may be renowned for their hotheaded and passionate natures but the sign recently posted to the door of the Amarillo restaurant is likely to cause offence to a range of potential customers. Apologies to any sensitive reader, but virtually the full text of the sign is posted here: "Sava! Italiano. Closed! You sorry assed red necked sacks of goat sperm had no idea what you had here! Good luck with your prepackaged, frozen sh*t food in this town. Maybe you'll remember us when you're b**ing your sister and think she smells like pasta. We are off to make money in a town whose average IQ is above room temperature! CIAO."
It's not clear whether the reference to prepackaged foods is a dig at other restaurants in the locality or at the eating habits of its customers, but Sava! does boast of its "delicious" and "mouthwatering" food on its website. The comprehensive menu also offers a number of choices.
The Italian restaurant was one in a line of restaurants in the building to close in the past five years and is located at I-40, Frontage Road at the intersection with S. Western Street. It could be the location had a lot to do with any perceived lack of popularity achieved by the eatery. Although there's plenty of parking the restaurant wasn't situated an a pedestrianized downtown location.
A report on why restaurant businesses fail says: "It is commonly accepted in the restaurant business that it is more likely that a new restaurant will fail than succeed." If this is the case, then the failure of Sava! to achieve a profitable, regular and reliable clientele within the Amarillo area may be explained. Certainly, though, as it's just over 100 miles from Amarillo to Lubbock, Sava's new location, the news of the restaurant's bizarre closure sign is likely to cause waves. It's unsure whether regular customers in the Amarillo area are likely to drop into the Lubbock venue once they've thought about the statements made in the closure sign.
It's sad to see any business fail and hoped that Sava! will succeed in its new location. Perhaps one way of achieving success might be taking down the offensive sign in the old restaurant. The adage "any press is good press" may not be the case in this instance, as the restaurant's owners seem to have shown contempt towards the entire population of Amarillo and perhaps indicated just what their opinion is of the dining public as a whole.
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