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article imageCurrys interview 'humiliation' as graduate 'made to dance'

By Eileen Kersey     Sep 6, 2013 in Odd News
Cardiff - Interviewing techniques have changed down the years. A job interview is often more relaxed than in the past, but what if you were expected to "dance" at an interview for a retail job?
High levels of unemployment in the UK, added to tough rules about claiming benefit, mean that people from all educational backgrounds are applying for jobs, no matter how humble or demeaning. Of course, the last hurdle after stewing over a job application form and preparing for your interview is actually being interviewed. Some people sail through conventional interviews but for others nerves lead to their failure.
What if you were expected to dance to Daft Punk?
University graduate, Alan Bacon, 21 found himself in that exact situation when he attended a job interview at one of Currys electrical superstores; a Mega-store in Newport Road, Cardiff.
Alan has a passion for photography and so thought a job working for Currys would suit him down to the ground. He told the BBC that he spent a week preparing for the interview and got suited and booted, essential with so many candidates chasing each job. On the day, he was confident he would be able to address any questions thrown at him, but the request for him to get up and shake his stuff was a step too far.
He had been told the interview would last five minutes and he could talk about his hobbies. Instead the job candidates were split into two groups and had a dance off.
Currys have since apologised claiming the "team building exercise" is not part of their official interviewing process. They are now investigating the incident and those who thought it was a useful interviewing technique.
Alan said he felt "humiliated" when he was forced to dance. The dance was a robotic performance with echoes of David Brent in the TV series, the Office. If you have watched the Office you will know Brent is a funny character but essentially a fool.
In July Mr Bacon graduated from the University of South Wales but has been unable to find work. Even with a degree in documentary, film and TV jobs are scarce.
Many UK employers hold "mass" job interviews for posts which attract huge numbers of applications. Asda, for example, hold group sessions which include techniques aimed at assessing team spirit, individuality and more.
Whether you are a graduate or not you may find the experience uncomfortable. The following at Net Mums, an online forum highlights this:
Well done on your interview. My local asdas holds 'team' interviews. They do some stupid things to be honest lol, that would put me of straight away! They put you into teams & ask you to make a pizza, that represents asda to the customer. Things along that line. Or they get you as a team to walk around the store, pulling all the stock forward etc & asking customers if they need any help.
So is being asked to dance a step too far?
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