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article imageThe good news of spiritual warfare Special

By Kelly Jadon     Sep 5, 2013 in World
Spiritual warfare is a necessary part of Christian counseling for complete deliverance, helping a counselee regain lost territory.
The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. (1John 3:8 NASB)
The purpose of counseling is restoration. Restoration entails trust between the counselor and the counselee. Those who attend counseling, need real help overcoming problems in life: marriage and relationship difficulties, depression, addictions, stress and anxiety, grieving, codependency, abusive behaviors, etc..
The counselee must come to understand the cause of the problems with the help of a counselor and then learn to change his circumstances, behavior and reactions. This is restoration. Dr. Helena Mariades says, "You will discover that painful memories and emotions, relief from heavy burdens and freedom though Jesus Christ really are possible."
Dr. Helena Mariades, TH.D. is a Christian counselor and author. She has written Strike the Target!: Practical Spiritual Warfare and Effective Deliverance Prayers, Volume One, (Big Footprint Books, 2013). This book is a physical product of her practice, Restoration Counseling Ministries.
Dr. Mariades states, "Christian counselors help people with similar issues as secular counselors do, but with a focus on God as the source for healing and strength through truth and spiritual growth--a Biblically based approach to living life." Their perspective is quite different. A client is viewed as a fellow believer with spiritual issues as well as mental and/or physical problems. Spiritual warfare is an outgrowth of spiritual counseling, and includes deliverance, prayer and spiritual healing. Though understood Biblically by few, and practiced by even fewer, spiritual warfare is a necessary part of Christian counseling.
Spiritual warfare is a necessity because people are made in God’s image. He is three: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Humans too are three: body, mind or soul, and spirit. All three parts of the human require healing and help. Only God can heal individuals spiritually. And the only way to God is through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Dr. Mariades adds, "Even Christians can need spiritual warfare prayer and/or deliverance for strongholds in their lives. These are areas given over to sin which still have not been yielded to the Holy Spirit. Christians may even be demonized."
When a believer is weak physically, mentally or spiritually, he or she becomes a target for enemy attacks. Deliverance is then necessary. A Christian counselor is an ideal authority to lead the deliverance during a counseling session.
Deliverance, especially when coupled with counseling, is the end of demonization in a person’s life. Jesus stated, “If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36 NASB)
Dr. Helena Mariades
Dr. Helena Mariades
Helena Mariades
Dr. Mariades writes about specific kinds of demons in Volume One—Biblically identifying the 16 types. Removing the myths of demonization and deliverance while giving sound explanation, the author has written a truly practical book for adult believers. (Volume Two, which is soon to be published entails practical deliverance prayer counseling for laypersons and counselors.) Strike the Target! is a tool for identifying specific spiritual problems and praying against attacks. In this way, "a Christian may regain lost spiritual territory."
More good news: though demons can gain access and maintain territory in the lives of people before and/or after conversion, due to sin and bondages, they are not without the knowledge and power of the name and ministry of Jesus. One may simply call out to Him for help (prayer). Jesus is the One who frees people spiritually.
Dr. Mariades has also included in Strike the Target: prayers to break curses: generational, personal, civil and curses without causes; explanations of the origins of curses and demonization.
Helena Mariades
Dr. Helena M. Mariades TH. D. is a Board-Certified Biblical Counselor and holds a Doctorate in Theology from Florida Theological Seminary and has a Master of Ministry in Christian Psychology and a Bachelor of Ministry and Pastoral Counseling from Florida Christian University. The founder of the publishing house Big Footprint Books, she has also published The Perfect Love of God: Becoming the Bride of Christ Through His Transforming Love. Her counseling work is innovative and has born much fruit. She offers in-office visits, phone counseling and Skype for webcam counseling to meet with clients wherever they are. Strike the Target too is a groundbreaking book. Contact Dr. Helena Mariades at
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