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article imageWikiLeaks release: 'Spy Files 3' — Surveillance industry (video)

By Anne Sewell     Sep 4, 2013 in World
London - On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, WikiLeaks released "Spy Files #3," comprising 249 documents from 921 intelligence contractors, showing the world is spending millions on mass surveillance technology to target their own and other countries' populations.
The latest release from WikiLeaks reveals how, as intelligence in the world has been privatized, the US, Europe and intelligence agencies in the developing world have been spending millions on next-generation mass surveillance technology to target communities, groups and whole populations, either at home or abroad.
In the latest release on the WikiLeaks website, founder Julian Assange states:
"WikiLeaks' Spy Files #3 is part of our ongoing commitment to shining a light on the secretive mass surveillance industry. This publication doubles the WikiLeaks Spy Files database. The WikiLeaks Spy Files form a valuable resource for journalists and citizens alike, detailing and explaining how secretive state intelligence agencies are merging with the corporate world in their bid to harvest all human electronic communication."
The WikiLeaks Counter Intelligence Unit (WLCIU) has been literally "tracking the trackers," and have collected data on the main players in the surveillance contractor industry. This includes senior employees of Gamma, Hacking Team and other companies, as they travel through Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and other countries.
Assange said further:
"The WikiLeaks Counter Intelligence Unit operates to defend WikiLeaks' assets, staff and sources, and, more broadly, to counter threats against investigative journalism and the public's right to know."
Contained in the batch of Spy Files #3 documents are sensitive sales brochures and presentations used to attract state intelligence agencies to buy mass surveillance services and technologies.
The documents also include contracts and deployment documents, which give specifications on how certain systems are installed and operated.
Technologies sold to the intelligence market to be used for Internet spying include features for detecting encrypted and obfuscated internet usage such as Skype, BitTorrent, VPN, SSH and SSL.
The Spy Files #3 documents further show how contractors work with intelligence and policing agencies to obtain decryption keys.
In the documents are detailed bulk interception methods for email, fax, SMS, MMS, voice and satellite phone communications. The documents further show intelligence contracts how to analyze the web and mobile interceptions in real-time, as they obtain them.
A document dating back to 2011 shows how companies like the UK-based Gamma Group, German-based Desoma and Swiss-based Dreamlab are working in concert to “create Telecommunications Intelligence Systems for different telecommunications networks to fulfill the customers’ needs” regarding “massive data interception and retention.”
Among the information released, there is evidence of the technologies being used to indiscriminately infect users in Oman with remote-controlled spyware.
One of the installations revealed in the documents is the FinFly 'iProxy' installation by Dreamlab. This shows how a target is first identified, and then malware is silently inserted along with a legitimate download, all the while keeping the intended download functioning as normal.
The target identification methods used mean that anyone connecting on the same network would be automatically and systematically intercepted and infected as well, even unintended targets.
RT was among the very few media outlets given access to the documents prior to their release and have published the above video on the subject.
The video gives more details on how the technology can be, and is currently being, used worldwide. While said to be of use to catch criminals, the technology is actually being used to track activists and others.
All the various documents, including brochures, presentations and videos, can be viewed and accessed here.
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