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article imageOp-Ed: U.S. moves a step closer to war

By Eileen Kersey     Sep 4, 2013 in Politics
Washington Navy Yard - As the US and Russia face up to each other over Syria how much is bravado and political spin is not clear. At this moment in time there is still a lot of saber rattling.
Like dogs about to go for the jugular the growling continues but sooner or later one is sure to pounce. Perhaps we should throw a bucket of water over them both?
Wednesday President Putin of Russia has warned the USA about launching military strikes against Syria. America, you could argue, was left a little out on a limb when Cameron lost his Commons' vote on action but that's politics for you. Had he stayed his hand and acted differently we could all be in the same boat now, threatening military strikes against Syria. As it is America with possibly Israel and France are part of a loose coalition. Obama is now trying to garner more support.
Ban ki-Moon for the UN has made media appearances in effect appealing for calm. He and the UN are opposed to military action without UN approval, and before any evidence on the chemical strikes is assessed and released. America's desire for a speedy resolution could indicate they have decided to act no matter what the UN conclude. It could be because a surprise attack can cause more damage than a slow considered one but already the cat-is-out-of-the-bag.
The need to act out of a humanitarian crisis in Syria is a false flag and now forgotten. Action to oust the rebels would guarantee that the crisis ended quickly. Finally people are coming to accept that military strikes are about ousting Assad; will help the rebels gain ground; may send out a message against chemical weapons use; include a western vision of the middle east; and feature Israel and oil. The rest is plain hooey.
US President Obama is meeting with G20 leaders this week and already he is speaking in parts of Europe gearing up the war machine. Imagine being a fly on the wall? Dodgy deals will be done by our leaders. Any deals will protect the wealth of the elite and lead to their vision of the future of Europe and the World. The vision may be at odds with the electorate. According to SkyNews:
US Senator John McCain has said he will oppose a draft resolution authorising the use of military force against Syria, as President Barack Obama arrived in Europe to discuss the crisis with other world leaders.
Mr McCain, who supports strikes against Bashar al Assad's regime but wants the US to offer greater support to Syrian rebels, has said he will not support the document in its current form.
It came after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had not ruled out military strikes against Syria but warned the use of force without UN approval would be an "aggression" and a violation of international law."
"Mr Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which finalised the draft resolution, that the US must "stand up and act" in the face of "undeniable" evidence that Mr Assad gassed his own people.
The US says it has proof that the Assad regime was behind sarin gas attacks that it believes killed at least 1,429 people on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21.
US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel also told the committee that a strike was needed to prevent Hezbollah and other terrorist groups from getting their hands on chemical weapons.
President Obama has said that any strikes could pave the way for regime change in Syria
Members of the US Senate and Congress will vote on McCain's draft resolution on Syria next week. It allegedly guarantees no boots on the ground and is limited to 60 days of military action, although can be extended by another 30 days. "Will it all be over by Christmas then?" Now where have we heard that before?
Monday President Obama gained approval from Senate and Congressional leaders but what of the American people?
In the UK people lobbied their Members of Parliament which had a direct impact on the vote. Is this option available for Americans? If it is they best get busy now.
Tuesday America took another step closer to military action against Syria and time is running out.
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