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Annual quota set as dolphin drive season poised to begin in Taiji

By Elizabeth Batt     Aug 31, 2013 in Environment
Taiji - In just a few hours, the Japanese dolphin drive season will officially begin in Taiji. The annual quota allocated by the Fisheries Union has also been established. It's set at more than 2,000 dolphins.
Every year between Sept. 1 and March 31 in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan, dolphins across several species are driven into a tiny cove in Taiji by fishermen and either slaughtered for their meat or sold (at great profit), to the captive marine industry.
According to Ceta via Elsa Nature Conservancy, "catch quotas for the 2013/2014 drive hunt season in Wakayama have now been released."
Taiji fishermen have been allocated "2,013 total cetaceans allowed from seven species," the database told Digital Journal. This includes:
134 Pacific white-sided dolphins;
450 striped dolphins;
557 bottlenose dolphins;
400 Pantropical spotted dolphins;
265 Risso's dolphin;
137 short-finned pilot whales;
70 false killer whales.
The controversial dolphin hunts, which were documented and questioned in the Academy Award-winning documentary, The Cove, will be monitored by Cove Monitors with Save Japan Dolphins and Cove Guardians with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Last season's quota, said Ceta, was "2,089 total animals from seven species; 1,486 dolphins from six species," were driven into the cove. "Of this total," the database added, "899 were killed, 340 were released and 247 were live-captures."
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