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article imageVictims of violent crime fight back

By Alexander Baron     Aug 31, 2013 in Crime
Charlottesville - Violent predators usually attack victims who are less physically formidable than themselves. This may be cowardice, but it is only common sense, or in some cases, bad judgment.
Attacking a victim from behind, one who is drunk or unconscious are all methods of gaining an advantage. Most predators are concerned only with money or material goods, but some have other motives which can be extremely sinister.
Men are naturally more physically formidable than women, but this is a generalised statement that has countless exceptions. This clip from three years ago - apparently from China - shows a would-be rapist targeting a smaller woman in an elevator. Smaller but formidable nonetheless.
Home invasions can be terrifying as in this case, or as in the case of killers Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, too terrible for words.
Occasionally though, home invaders bite off more than they can chew, much more in the case of this Australian householder, who appears to have reacted like a regular superhero.
The latest example of this kind of bad judgment can be seen in Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon, on their faces, actually. They made the mistake of trying to rob two students at gunpoint, who turned out to be if not Bruce Lee fans then certainly proficient in some form of self-defence. As the man said, don't mess with people you don't know.
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