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article imageOp-Ed: Has hip-hop music gone 'gay'?

By Alexander Baron     Aug 29, 2013 in Entertainment
This is not one of those stories you couldn't make up, it's two of them. One pundit has recently suggested the Ku Klux Klan has taken over rap music. Others have pointed to a disturbing new lyrical trend.
Two weeks ago an article on AllHipHop.Com made the extraordinary claim that the rap music industry had been taken over by White Supremacists, "corporate Klansmen" was the actual phrase used. Author Solomon Comissiong draws parallels between slavery in the antebellum Deep South and the so-called prison-industrial complex. Perhaps he's been reading Angela Davis, certainly he makes no more sense than this worshipper of punks and murderers. "Mass incarceration is involuntary servitude", he says, clearly missing the point that unlike slaves, convicted prisoners are all volunteers, (with a few tragic exceptions).
He goes on: "Hip Hop is a culture created and cultivated by African/black and Latino youth who had been systematically marginalized by the United States’ white supremacist and instituitionally racist society."
Strange, most normal people - black and white - believe hip hop has nothing to do with art or culture, and was in any case spawned and nurtured by foul-mouthed teens who walk about with their trousers round their knees, mouthing epithets including the de rigueur N word (which they can't even spell) in non-sensical couplets.
There are of course honorable exceptions, including Eminem - who is white, and Speech Debelle, who hardly qualifies on account of being literate. Oh, and let's not forget aspiring Libertarian Chapter Jackson, who did the very unraplike thing of putting herself through college.
No, rap is not an artform, it is three letters of a swear word: blues is an artform, so were swing, jazz and ragtime before it, but not rap. What is there for the white supremacists to take over? The rest of Solomon Comissiong's article is babble.
If the white supremacist takeover of rap sounds bizarre, how about rappers who rap about doing things not to women but to other men, or boys? This has perplexed even radical DJ Tommy Sotomayor. If you have the stomach for it, check out this YouTube video. Warning: it is best not to visit his website, at least for the moment, it appears to be infected with a Trojan.
The offending video to which he alludes has been going the rounds for the past two months or so; Sotomayor is far from the only person to have picked up on it; there appears to be a consensus that boys of this age should not be rapping this sort of sewage, though the jury is still out on not its authenticity but its sincerity. If it does turn out to be a shocking new trend it will be a severe dent to the macho image of hip-hop. Perhaps after all it really is part of that great white supremacist conspiracy to emasculate black men?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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