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article imageReview: History repeats itself in Britain's leading soaps Special

By Alexander Baron     Aug 27, 2013 in Entertainment
Ever get that feeling you've seen it all before? That could be because you have, including the body in the woods and the not so private lesbian kiss.
Although Emmerdale is a long running soap, the non-existent village is decidedly on the small side consisting of a few cottages, one shop, a boarding house/restaurant and the inevitable watering hole. So how many murders can it boast? Having now committed three and successfully disguised two of them, serial killer Cameron is in a panic as the body of the second of his victims is dug up. Unbelievably this is not the first time a corpse has been unearthed on this land, although the last time it was by a dog rather than by workmen. That time it belonged to the lord of the manor who was shot by his wife, at least she thought she was his wife until she realised he had married her bigamously. After their son was put in the picture he hit on the idea of framing one of the locals for it. Now guess what is about to happen in Emmerdale, yup, it's a farm hand who is about to take the rap, that is unless full time lowlife and part time superhero Cain comes to the rescue the same way he has done on more than one occasion in the not-so-distant past.
Still in Emmerdale, daffy lady vet Rhoha has got herself hooked on painkillers, or whatever it is her supplier is, er, supplying her with. And her friend, fellow lady vet Vanessa has decided that she wants to be more than friends. As she is also supplying Rhona with drugs, the poor woman is caught between a rock and a soft place, and who should walk in on them in the middle of a lesbian kiss? How about Rhona's vet husband, Paddy? She should count herself lucky; there was a plot in Coronation Street a few years ago that saw the victim drowning himself after doing exactly what she did, injuring his back and becoming hooked on drugs, although it was an illegal money lender rather than his habit (that he managed to break) which led to his downfall, although his wife ended up being charged with his murder. Returning to the lesbian kiss, where have we seen this before? How about in Coronation Street when one of the local Neanderthal's catches his lesbian daughter and her physiotherapist in flagrante delicto? This resulted in said physiotherapist being struck off; Vanessa will be lucky if Paddy doesn't end up wringing her neck when he wises up to the full extent of her perfidy.
Like Emmerdale, Coronation Street has seen a murder or two as well as a buried body, it has also seen a baby adopted, its adoptive parents killed, custody handed to the adoptive grandmother, granny dying, and young daughter being reunited with natural parents. We haven't quite got that far in Emmerdale, but we have seen local teen floozy Amy give up her baby son, adoptive parents killed, and now Amy about to take the first tentative step to reuniting with him. All we need now is granny to fall off the branch, or perhaps to be done away with, but it remains to be seen if Amy and son will ride off into the sunset with the baby's father - Cain.
Another murder or at least some serious bodily harm is on the cards in EastEnders, but in Coronation Street, having got away with two murders, local good for nothing Karl may be the author of his own misfortune by opening his big mouth. Is that the end of the rehashed plots? Alas no, in EastEnders awhile back there was the little matter of the proud father who turned out to be the non-father; now in Coronation Street a similar situation has arisen. At the moment a DNA test is on the cards; depending on the outcome of that we could see more mayhem, but if we do, don't be surprised if it looks depressingly familiar.
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