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Extremists plot to kidnap and execute cops in Las Vegas

By Shawn Kay     Aug 25, 2013 in Crime
Las Vegas - Two members of the Sovereign Citizens Movement, an anti-government domestic extremist entity, were arrested after investigators thwarted their plot to kidnap, torture, and execute Las Vegas police officers.
David Allen Brutsche, 42, and Devon Campbell Newman, 67, were arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department this past Wednesday following an extensive criminal investigation into an alleged plot by the pair to abduct, torture, and execute police officers.
The pair were apprehended by a police SWAT team at an apartment a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip.
Both Brutsche and Newman are members of the Sovereign Citizens Movement, which the Federal Bureau of Investigation characterizes as "a growing domestic threat to law enforcement" and considers it "a domestic terrorist movement."
The investigation began this past April when an unidentified undercover detective with the police department’s Counter-Terrorism Section befriended Brutsche and Newman.
Over the course of an investigation that lasted four months, undercover officials met with the couple on 30 separate occasions while secretly recording hundreds of hours of their conversations.
According to Las Vegas police, the couple intended to capture police officers by following their cars and seizing them at gunpoint when they got out of their vehicles to make traffic stops.
Police car of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Las Vegas  Nevada
Police car of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department - Las Vegas, Nevada
Alex Proimos
After abducting a police officer, the couple planned to take their prisoner to a specially outfitted vacant house where the officer would be placed in a makeshift “jail” and made to stand trial in their own court. The imprisoned officer would be tried in the court on charges of civil rights violations and treason.
Upon obtaining a “conviction,” the extremists planned to execute the officer, a police report said.
The vacant house was rigged to bind captive police officers to cross beams during torture, according to authorities.
The pair also shopped for firearms and sought to recruit other “sovereign citizens” to assist them in their odd but otherwise deadly plot.
In a public statement to the Las Vegas Sun this past Thursday, police said Brutsche is an extremist that was committed to the cause.
“Blood or no blood — it doesn’t matter,” Brutsche told an undercover officer in July, according to a 10-page police arrest report. “I will kill anyone that tries to stop the cause of liberty. I have no qualms about it.”
"We need to arrest the police and take them to our jail and put them in a cell and put them on trial in a people's court," Brutsche said on July 9, according to the arrest report. "If we run into the position that they resist, then we need to kill them."
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer conducting patrol on a motorcycle in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer conducting patrol on a motorcycle in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas police view the case as a domestic terrorism plot, this according to Lt. James Seebock.
Police have charged the pair with conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and attempted first degree kidnapping with use of a weapon.
The couple is being held at the Clark County Detention Center pending court appearances.
Authorities note that the investigation is ongoing and have said additional arrests and charges are possible.
The Sovereign Citizens Movement is a loose group of citizens who do not recognize government or authority. They don’t answer to U.S. laws, oppose taxes, and especially dislike law enforcement. The potential for violence from members of the movement is extremely high.
In a 2011 public memo, the FBI warns of the threat this movement poses to the public and law enforcement in particular.
Members of the movement have been linked to the killings of several police officers and deputy Sheriffs in recent years.
Seven people arrested for the shooting deaths of two deputy Sheriffs in a Louisiana town last year had ties to the movement.
In 2012, in a rural town near Spokane, Washington, a panicked corrections officer calls for help after realizing he is being followed by two “sovereign citizens.” The extremists are arrested by a SWAT team after a two-hour long standoff involving several dozen officers.
And in 2010, a father-son team of adherents to the movement shot and killed two police officers in Arkansas before they themselves were killed in a separate gun battle with police.
Officials say that there are an estimated 100,000 “hardcore” members of the movement. However, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks domestic extremists and hate groups, says that while the movement has grown since the late 2000s, it can’t know exactly how many believers there are, in part because the movement has no central leadership.
Many of the movement’s members have criminal histories, including Brutsche.
The Las Vegas Review-Journal informs that Brutsche has an extensive criminal background as a six-time convicted felon. Brutsche, who is originally from California, also happens to be a registered sex offender for crimes committed against a minor in that state.
Adherents of the Sovereign Citizen Movement are categorized as militant right-wing extremists by law enforcement and domestic terrorism analysts. Some radicals within this movement have links with other right-wing extremist groups that include anti-government militias, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists.
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