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article imageOp-Ed: The Afghan child bride torture case

By Alexander Baron     Aug 22, 2013 in Politics
Kabul - Western "feminists" are forever whining about "sexism" and the "patriarchy". It remains to be seen if any of them would change places with the women of Afghanistan.
There is an old joke about women talking too much; actually there are many of them, but at present, the Afghan Parliament is trying to shut up the entire female population, and this time nobody is laughing. If you haven't heard of Sahar Gul, here is a short video about her case with English subtitles. There are others on YouTube, and here is a BBC report.
Although married, she was and is still a child. In the UK, a bride will generally promise to love, honour and obey her husband, treasure in sickness and health, that sort of thing. And the groom will reciprocate. Generally in the UK the vicar will omit that bit about chaining up the bride in the cellar, starving, beating her and worse.
Alas, they do things differently in Afghanistan. Sahar's abusers were arrested, charged, convicted and sentenced to ten years. That was less than two years ago. It seems that in Afghanistan, arithmetic is different too, because her husband and her in-laws have now been released.
Bad as that is, the Afghan Parliament is trying to gag women and girls who end up in a similar position, and for the record, bad as is the case of Sahar Gul, it is far from the worst.
The people at Avaaz have started a petition against this, which can currently be found at this link.
If you sign only one petition this year, sign this one.
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