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article imageOp-Ed: Holy War ticking time bomb for America

By Christopher Wager     Aug 21, 2013 in Politics
With Egypt on fire and Christians running for their lives under threat from the Muslim Brotherhood, is this only the beginning of the war against Christians around the world? Will the United States be next?
In the wake of the uprising in Egypt, Americans should take head to the violence and church burning going on. The true face of radical Islam is being shown there. The ocean no longer offers protection from this type of violence and raw Sharia.
This may be only the beginning. The Muslim brotherhood, which the president claims to be moderate and an ally, have made clear their intentions for America. To establish Sharia law where air is breathed.
With roughly 2.6 million Muslims already in America and countless other smuggled across the Mexican border and 2,106 mosques already built. They are poised to take action. With the president’s sequester, base closings, and furloughs; how prepared is America to deal with the same type of uprising we are seeing in Egypt?
Radical Islam in America is well supported by such groups as CAIR and Hizb ut-Tahrir with evident ties to terrorists groups and supporting states such as Iran. It’s clear to suggest without interference from the sympathetic government the radical Muslims in America continue to plot Jihadist strikes with over a dozen or so foiled by authorities just this year. Will Egypt be the empowerment sleeping Jihadist cells in America will need to rise up and battle for the domination of Islam in America?
It is likely such a conflict would drag the citizenry of the United States into the conflict. However, how well does the average American know the enemy? Chances are not very well, never before in American history have Americans been faced an enemy with such steep ideology on American soil.
Or had to understand the mentality of a true believer willing to sacrifice his or her own life with the promise of paradise. To fight enemies with no reservations about dying - making them very dangerous enemies to have. As the Muslim brotherhood continues to gain power across the globe it is only a matter of time before an all-out Holy war comes to the shores of the U.S.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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