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article imageOp-Ed: Game not over with Manny Pacquiao even if not lucky against Rios

By Leo Reyes     Aug 21, 2013 in Sports
Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will continue to shine in the boxing spotlight even if he is not lucky against Brandon Rios in their upcoming fight in Macau, China on Nov. 24.
Another loss beyond the Rios fight will not keep Pacquiao out of the center stage until he declares he is finished and done with the sport that nurtured him to greatness.
Pacquiao has lost twice in a row last year and the public thought his stunning loss to Juan Manuel Marquez was the end of the game for the fighting congressman from the Philippines.
But Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum knows that Pacquiao's popularity has not diminished even with the devastating loss to Marquez.
There is a good number of reasons why Pacquiao remains popular among boxing fans in particular and the public in general.
First and foremost is his fighting style which is opposite to the styles of unbeaten fighters like Guillermo Rigondeaux and Timothy Bradley.
The reason Cuban boxer Rigondeaux is not getting lucrative fights despite his recent victory over four-division world champion Nonito Donaire, could be traced to his boring and less entertaining fighting style.
Bradley seems to be shunned by promoters because he has a very low fan base which could be attributed also to is less entertaining fighting style and poor rapport with boxing fans.
There are many reasons fans patronize certain fighters but none of them point to the number of losses of the fighters.
Boxing fans buy tickets to watch a boxing match because they want to be entertained or they look up to the fighter's skill which is worth emulating.
In the case of Floyd Mayweather, fans buy tickets to watch him perform in the ring because they want to see why he remains unbeaten despite his less entertaining fighting style.
Obviously they want to see how Mayweather beats his opponents with his unrivalled defensive skills that usually lead to point conversions when he throws a clear shot as a result of his defensive posture.
On the other hand, fans buy Pacquiao fights because they want to see a good, entertaining fight. Likewise, fans love to watch Pacquiao because of his gentle demeanor in the ring which exudes nothing much of the brutality that characterizes the otherwise violent sport.
His mystical demeanor was visible in his last fight against Antonio Margarito when he signaled the referee to find out if Margarito was still capable of taking more devastating punches because of his bloody face and damaged eyes.
According to legendary Mike Tyson, Pacquiao is not at all finished as a boxer and a pay-per-view attraction.
In an interview with, Tyson was asked about Pacquiao's ring return in the wake of his stunning loss to Marquez and he said Pacquiao is not yet finished.
"Well, Pacquiao is back, you know why he’s back? Because he fights Brandon Rios and he sells the place out, he is back. When you’re not back is when you’re finished and nobody wants to see your face no more, they don’t want to see you in an arena sitting down, that‘s when you’re really finished. He’s not finished, he’s never really been finished," said the former heavyweight champion.
"He’s a mega star of boxing and one defeat like that is not gonna finish him. He can get knocked out two more times and not be finished, he’s not that kind of fighter. He’s the kind of fighter people will always want to see because he gives people hope, he gives nations hope so they will always believe in guys like that, those guys are never really finished." Tyson added.
Indeed, Pacquiao continues to give his fans reasons to hope for even in times of defeat and as long as the public buys his fights, he will continue to give them reasons to hope for and the kind of entertainment they like to see.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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