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article imageWhat is spray-on caffeine?

By Kathleen Blanchard     Aug 20, 2013 in Science
If you have a hard time moving without your favorite caffeinated morning beverage, you might be interested in spray-on caffeine. Two young entrepreneurs have a patent pending for caffeine that you can spray on your skin called Sprayable Energy.
Ben Yu, 21, one of Peter Thiel's ‘Fellows’ and his partner Deven Soni are harnessing our love for caffeine’s stimulating effect, claiming sprayable caffeine is absorbed through the skin gradually, which would of course mean should you should get a prolonged energy boost.
The product isn't the same as 'aeroshots' that are inhaled.
According to Anya Kamanetz, writing for who tried the product it only took seven minutes for the caffeine, sprayed on the wrist, to make its way into the blood stream.
Kamanetz said she used four sprays at 9:20am; then at 9:27am: “My eyes pop open like Betty Boop's.”
In other words, the effect wasn’t so gradual, despite the claims. Studies show caffeine can enter the blood stream though the skin in just a few minutes; reaching its peak at one-hour. But the effect did last about 4-hours.
Later, at 2:15pm, Anya sprays some caffeine on the back of her neck after experiencing that ‘afternoon slump’. Two-minutes later, she writes “Whoo!! Heart is beating fast.”
Sprayable Energy has no caffeine aroma and uses an amino acid derivative that naturally occurs in the body known as tyrosine that helps caffeine get straight into the system. It’s odorless, colorless and portable…and inexpensive.
Athletes have been using the combination of caffeine and tyrosine for some time claiming the amino acid promotes absorption of caffeine in the duodenum. The combination is also sold in supplements.
Why do we need spray-on caffeine?
The answer is for more energy, of course, but according to marketing claims, without the jitters, calories from energy drinks and 'ups and downs' of ingesting caffeine.
Students need energy. Athletes need energy and studies show caffeine can improve endurance in cyclists.
The idea is to help those with caffeine and energy drink sensitivity. Plus the spray is very portable. The inventors say they have had struggles of their own finding the energy to get through college studies.
Of course, we could all just go to bed when we’re tired, exercise a bit more and learn to slow down a tad.
If you want to see spray-on caffeine hit the market, you can donate to Yu and Soni’s fund raising campaign at indiegogo.
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