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article imageMatthew West talks 'Into the Light: Life Stories and Live Songs' Special

By Markos Papadatos     Aug 20, 2013 in Entertainment
Matthew West is a multi-Grammy-nominated Christian singer-songwriter who recently released his “Into the Light: Life Stories and Live Songs” CD/DVD on August 13, via his record label, Sparrow Records.
Regarding his latest musical project (which is a combined CD and DVD collection), he remarked, “It was exciting to be able to put something unique together like that and give people a greater insight on the journey that I have been on telling people’s stories. I am really pleased with how the project turned out.”
West added, “We created this idea of a dark room, where a photographer would use to develop film. The whole theme of the record’s title is ‘Into the Light’ and it is about realizing that parts of our life’s stories may feel safer to be hidden off in the shadows. The album has been about helping people to discover how much freedom there is to be found when you allow your story to develop and ‘step into the light.’ In between the songs of our live performance, I share from the dark room and talk about what it means to step ‘into the light’ and what the Bible talks about living an honest and open story for all the world to see.”
Although it is extremely difficult for West to select a personal favorite song from this inspirational record, he noted that his current single “Hello, My Name Is” has really struck a chord with people in a really unique way lately. “It was inspired by a young man named Jordan who wrote to me about his battle with addiction and he had to learn what his true identity was, since for a long time he thought he was his addiction since that is what people would see in him. It was just a powerful story and I remember thinking that everybody in the world needed to hear this story since it is a very encouraging one,” he explained.
Another poignant tune from the CD is the poignant lead-off single “Forgiveness.” “This was the case of a woman named Renee who wrote to me about her journey of forgiving a drunk driver who took the life of her daughter. I was able to follow that and become a part of that story. I have seen that young man released from prison and he started a new chapter in his life. They get up and come to my concerts sometimes and they share their story live in person and there is not a dry eye in the house,” he said.
West added, “It has been really great to have the support of radio stations across the country and hopefully this will just continue since I am collecting more and more stories and hopefully we will go into another season of encouraging people to tell their stories.”
He recently wrote a book entitled “Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible.” “One of the neat things that has come out of this is that I get to tell the stories through books and interviews. Everywhere I go I get to tell more stories and hopefully encourage people, since there is a bit of each of us in all of these stories that I tell. I had the chance to release a book a few weeks ago since it features some of the stories that I have received and they all touch on a different facet of forgiveness. Through the power of the stories, I believe we find some powerful answers.”
Five-time Grammy-winning Christian songstress Sandi Patty has praised Matthew West for his musicianship. “I love Matthew West since not only is he a wonderful artist but he is a great songwriter. I would love to write some songs with him sometime. He’s a great kid,” Patty shared in an interview that I did with her this past April.
In return, West was quite flattered by the Christian music queen’s compliment. “That is amazing and I am so honored to hear that,” he said.
West is going to be focusing on a new record, but in the meantime he will be focusing his efforts on a tour, and he hopes to release one more radio single from this album. “These are going to be exciting and beyond that, I am just going to be plugging along. I am working on another book idea and I am thankful for all of the opportunities that I am getting and hopefully I will keep on delivering music and books that really speak to people,” he said.
The Christian singer-songwriter concluded, “I am so grateful for the opportunities that the fans have given me and I am even more thankful for those that have written their stories and have sent them to me. They are all a part of this journey with me. I am encouraging everybody wherever I go since I feel that my calling through my music is to encourage people to recognize that God has a powerful story that he wants to tell through their life.”
For more information on Matthew West and his music, visit his official website.
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